Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thought you'd like to see the place we're staying ...

I decided I'd put some pics on here of the place we're staying this year.  Enjoying the house.  Nothing much to complain about; it's like any house -- it has its idiosyncrasies.  I think we'd like it a lot better if had been warmer outside! LOL!  But EVERYONE I talk to says that they're not having a normal winter here.  I just heard it again this a.m. at a little shop I visited on the way to church.  Turned in my second prayer shawl today and it'll be blessed this coming week (none of the pastors were in the office today).  Think later today we're going to New Braunfels to visit a antiques shop and try to bargain for a cowhide I like. (We'll see how that goes.  IF it's still there ...)  Then on to On the Half Shell for dinner.

Well, here's the pictures of our cottage.  I didn't put any on of the upstairs because all I've used it for is my sewing room while here ...

View from the front.

Front porch, where we spend some time when the sun is shining. There are these huge rosemary bushes all around the house.  I'm going to cut a start to bring home with me!
Here's the main area of the living space. The windows look out over a big valley; we're on a hill.  It's like you can see forever; really beautiful after dark.
The master bedroom, on the first floor.
Kitchen ....
Looking toward the back door ... I spend a lot of time in the evenings at that little desk on this computer! Wendell spends a lot of time in that recliner, reading!  As you can see, the place is small and cozy (and not much to keep clean).  We're comfortable here.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. Now you can see in your mind's eye where I'm at!  Have a blessed week.