Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some ups and some downs ...

Been pretty busy lately.  Now that I can see better I've been doing more cleaning around here than usual!  For instance, this week we cleaned the garage (Wendell's downstairs workshop).  It hadn't been done since before his bad time.  So that means more than a year ... In fact, one year ago today all of that awfulness began ... ANYWAY, he's celebrating one year of his second life today.  That's the way we look at it.  Back to the garage cleaning -- I'm so glad we did it!  It's surprising how quickly things can get away from you.  Not only is it cleaner, it smells better; no more greasy, oily smell in there.  At least until he works on something in there again.  (Sigh !!!)  He keeps telling me: "it's a work shop for *#&^ !@+# sake."  Okay, I guess ...

Recently we visited the Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes for the first time.  We were impressed with how much these (volunteer) guys have done with their space in such a short time.  I recommend it as a great way to spend an afternoon.  Here's a few pictures from the IMM; I took a lot but only putting a few here:

Here's the section on Red Skelton.  He's a native son of Vincennes and served in WWII.  They had some neat memorabilia about him!

The museum was arranged in order of wars fought by US troops.  All the way from the founding of the nation to the recent wars in the Middle East.

They not only had indoor displays, but a growing outdoor display of various planes and ground equipment.  They have a huge building that serves as a workshop and if you're lucky and they're working on something in there, you are welcome to go in and watch and ask questions.

Here's a snow cat (we think) parked in the back lot that has yet to be restored.  There were several interesting pieces back there ...
The week after we took that day trip, we went to Parke County.  We've been there before but actually never left the beaten path to see any of the covered bridges except the one in Mansfield.  So that day we took one of the four colored routes (the red route).  We saw four bridges and really enjoyed the quiet drive with no one riding our bumper. 

McAllister's Bridge ...

Neet Bridge

Bridgeton Bridge with dam and mill.

The Bridgeton Mill
I was shocked to see all of the BIG buildings in Bridgeton.  I'm probably one of the few people in this part of Indiana that's never been to Bridgeton during the covered bridge festival (or any other time until now).  It's hard to believe that they fill all of those large buildings with 'stuff' and that they can afford to have them stand empty all of the rest of the year! Yikes!  The mill has been all 'tourist-ed' up (as has the entire town actually).  I don't recommend going to Bridgeton, even the bridge is new and not old.  And now I'm wondering after looking at all my pictures -- are they all painted red with white ends?  We do intend to return and take some of the other routes to see the other bridges.  (I'll check out that color scheme thing ...)  It was a nice drive.  But NOT during the covered bridge festival time!

Well, that's just a little of what's been going on in my life.  I'll try to put more on here, and more often, now that summer is coming on.  I usually stay pretty close to the house and the AC, and away from the chiggers and mosquitoes in the summer -- LOL!