Monday, June 29, 2015

Visit to an open house ...

Last Saturday was a glorious day.  We've had so many rainy days this June (just heard today on the news that there have only been four days so far this month when it hasn't rained somewhere in Indiana) that a day like that is special.  Took off on a road trip.  We had planned on visiting a little museum in southern Indiana, near Oakland City, but found it closed.  Went on down to Evansville and ate at the Hornet's Nest on the north side.  Had a really good salad!  Yum!  Interesting little out of the way place.

Left there and wandered (literally) on down to Woolen Heirlooms in Newburgh for their one-year celebration open house.  Teresa Kinman opened this shop catering to rug hookers and anyone who wants to use wool in a project (quilt, wool applique, etc.).  She literally has everything for the rug hooker, though -- wool (lots!), patterns, hooks, dyes -- you name it, she has it.  We parked across the street in the school parking lot and walked over.  As I approached it was really neat looking; her business is in a building back of her home.  They had set up two tents -- one for a really nice rug show and one for refreshments.  Her hubby, Jay, and her Mom were outside greeting people and Jay was the chef.  When I went in, there were some old friends!  So good to see Becky, Jana, Lou, Jennifer & Chrystal!  Teresa had a warm hug for me!  I just loved her shop and kidded her about expanding into the red barn next door but was told it's off limits!  (And Jay told me the same thing! lol!)  Wendell came over after a spell and sat outside with Jay and visited (and ate).  I think he made a new friend.  Jay is so fun and easy to talk with.

So here's some pictures I took.  Just had to share this with you all so you'll know what we've been up to lately.  Oh, and we had such a wonderful drive home.  Just a gorgeous day.  There were lots of yard sales that day.  We went north from her shop through Boonville and then on north on back highways (after having come down on the interstate) and were amazed at how many more coal mines there are in the Lynnville area.  Awesome!  Love that Indiana Power!

Anyway,  here goes ...

Here's the entry to Woolen Heirlooms!  Teresa has decorated with lots of primitives and antiques and it's really home-like and lovely.
Look at that wonderful smile!  Teresa's standing in the larger tent which contained the rug show.  It's amazing what the women who meet and hook at Woolen Heirlooms have accomplished in one short year!
Here's the main room of Teresa's shop.  As you can see, it was super crowded when we were there.  She has completed projects everywhere, a wonderful way to inspire people and give them ideas.  I 'think' that's her daughter waving (and waiting on customers).
Teresa has a couple tables in the side room, so people can work/hook in there.  I especially love this rug she had hanging on the wall.  On the table is an antique rug that is to die for (!) and lots of other goodies ...
These ball-point pens, disguised as flowers, were there as gifts for her visitors!  Nice!  I love this striped, over-dyed wool table cover!

It was just a nice, nice day.  So glad we made the trip and I want to go back again.

P.S.  Guess what? ... I won the door prize of a gift certificate!  (And I always tell everyone I'm not lucky.)  Well, I may not be "lucky" but I am blessed.  Thanks Teresa & Jay for a wonderful afternoon.