Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All mowed-up for the year! Yeah!

Yesterday we mowed for the last time this year.  It's been such a nice autumn that we've both been outside working a lot and have the place looking about as good as it can.  This would be the ideal time to put the place up for sale ......

I've been spending a lot of time here lately, too, hooking in the guest room.  Finished one rug and started another.  Here's the one I most recently finished:
The designer is Maggie Bonanomi and I really love her work and her books.  She's a lot into wool applique and always has at least one or more hooked rugs in each book (I have them all on my book shelf!).  I don't know what she called this design but I'm calling it my 'neutrals' rug.  First time I've made something with all of the elements being so monochromatic.  This is one of my favorites now.

Busy weekend!  Went to the Colts game Sunday night.  We have season tix but I don't go very often anymore; Wendell goes some and we sell some.  But I didn't want to miss this game.  Probably the last time Peyton Manning will be in Indy as a player I'm thinking.  And it was such a good game!  We had just a super time.  Only drawback was, the roof was open and it got pretty cold; at end of halftime we went out into the concourse and walked around the entire stadium just to get warm.  Also, I think it's probably the last time I'll be there for a game and wanted to do that walk just one more time.  If you watched you know that there was an exciting ending and the Colts won!  What more could we ask?  Also, had a delicious dinner later with my sweetie at O'Charley's.  Wrapped up a busy (and a little stressful) weekend.  Saturday we had our annual homeowners association meeting and one of the owners acted like an ass.  Yes, I said an ass.  I had to take notes and I could hardly write, that's how on edge I was.  Then Sunday after church was the annual harvest dinner.  I'm the chair of that committee so there's always more work than fun for me I'm afraid in those dinners.  We're trying something new in going foam- and paper-free as much as we can, so we used real napkins (made 4 doz.), china plates, and real silverware.  We have some bugs to work out but I'm thinking it will all work out over time.  The meal was excellent with ham and cheesy potatoes as the two main courses.  Then as soon as we got home from that we left for the game.  WHEW!  I went to bed pretty early that night -- 10:30 -- and slept late next a.m.!

Weekend before we went to Michigan to Adrian & Gloria's.  Jeff & Jane came up for Sunday afternoon.  Such a good time!  It's always good to see all of my little family together in one place.  We arrived in time Saturday to see Veronica trick or treat, as well as give out treats at home.  So fun to see all the little ghosts and goblins at the door.  Considering it was drizzling, they had quite a few visitors.  Veronica dressed up like Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies.  She looked so authentic!  Very good job!

Next day we visited and late in the p.m. went to a soccer game, which was just a few blocks from their house.  Breezy but sunny and it was nice to be outdoors.  The Kats won, 2-0 I think, and later we all went into Hastings for dinner before Jeff & Jane left for Winchester and we went back to the motel.  Left early the next a.m. and just a few miles away, in Hickory Corners, is the Gilmore Car Museum.  We spent half a day there before driving back home.  Here's some pictures from the museum ... enjoy and have a good week.
Here's the first room see when you enter the museum ... these are the cars from my teenage era.

I loved the hot rod room! Hard to choose a picture to show you I took so many in this room!

Early Fords had their very own room in the main building.

This room held 50s & 60s specialty cars. 

They had this Shell gas station on the grounds and it was fitted out with everything you would have seen at an old gas station.  Including loafing benches, a peanut machine, fly paper, tires, all sorts of parts, and a service truck!

In one of the barns was this Tucker.  Have you seen the movie about the maker of this car?

This was my very favorite automobile of the day -- a Stout Scarab.  They say that there's only five know in existence today and they have two of them!  Just an unbelievable car; look it up on Wikipedia if you want to know more.

One building was all Pierce Arrows!  Besides automobiles they made trucks, travel trailers, bicycles and motorcycles.

We finished our half-day at the Blue Moon Diner for lunch.  Actually it was very tasty.  We'll definitely go back to the Gilmore on our next visit to see the kids!