Friday, January 13, 2017

Getting better (me and the weather) ...

As I write this I'm beginning to feel better.  Yeah!  Have had this sinus thing which mostly involved coughing and other symptoms pointing probably to sinusitis.  Today I'm feeling better than I have in a month!  Guess I'm getting to the point in my life that no antibiotic works for me anymore.  But probably this warmer, drier weather has helped the most.  I've not let it get me down so far! 

We usually do a day out and a day in.  Just like at home, there's usually something that needs to be done here at the condo.  We had our first 'cleaning day' (ugh).  And sometimes I let the laundry pile up so that it takes about half a day to catch up (and we didn't bring all of our clothes of course ...).  Today is sort of cloudy but still nice and warm; expecting mid-60s.  We've been out and about in this area -- here's what we've been up to ...

We went to the veterans cemetery on the grounds of Ft. Huachuca (pronounced wa-choo'-ka) this week.  It was one of those things where, we were driving by on Buffalo Soldier Trail and I just saw the sign and whipped into the driveway at the last minute.  So glad we did!  It was very impressive, inspiring, quiet and moving.  We walked a while, sat on benches, walked some more, and just meditated about what we were seeing.  So many veterans of WWII are buried here!  I saw several who had served in three wars -- WWII, Korean War & Vietnam.  They have both traditional burial sites and several areas like the one just below that are for cremation interments.   

There were two sites for military funeral ceremonies -- outdoor and indoor.  This neat statue was at the entrance to the outdoor ceremony area.

We went to Bisbee this week.  What a great day that was!  The sun was out and we walked, walked, walked!  And when you're walking downtown Bisbee it's either uphill or downhill!  Bisbee is on the side of a mountain, picturesque, and it's a very popular "touristy" town.  So we weren't alone.  But since we went during the week it was less crowded than it would be on a weekend.  (We've been here before and I'm sure we'll go back before we leave.)  We spent time in a few of the many galleries, a book store, and also a couple antiques shops.  Had lunch at Bisbee's Table (try their truffle French fries! W. had them and I helped him finish them off -- yummy!).  I had the best mac n' cheese ever (so far).  So good!  Then we walked some more.  We came into Bisbee via the southern route (highway 92) and went home via the northern route (highway 90).  Along the way back to SV we saw a sign for the San Pedro House, on the San Pedro River, and stopped for some walking and bird watching.  There's a wonderful gift shop there and if you can't find the book you want on Arizona, southwest history, or birding, you won't be able to find it anywhere!  Sooooo glad we pulled in there!

You know I like this sort of thing ... this hot dog shop was on the west edge of Bisbee as we were headed into town.  It's near Naco, Sonora, Mexico; the border crossing is about 3 miles south of here.  Here's something interesting -- there's usually a super Walmart near every border crossing.  No exception here.

This stairway goes up to the next street above the main street ... but I took this picture because of the murals painted on the walls and ceiling here.

Taken along the main street with the big "B" on the hill above town.  I especially like this bicycle shop sign in the foreground.  Bisbee is an old town with interesting buildings and well worth the visit just for the architecture!

This pottery shop was really neat!
This huge tree was on the grounds of the San Pedro House.  It's 38' in circumference.  Wow!

I'll close for now with this picture taken from our balcony.  I'll never get tired of the sunsets here!  And I'll keep taking pictures of them ...