Sunday, January 26, 2020

2020's flying!

Whew!  I can't believe that the first month of this new year is almost done.  We had our monthly breakfast at church today, and it's always the last Sunday of the month ... the last Sunday of the month!  Yikes!  I made a new recipe today -- a breakfast casserole; why do I always do that?  You shouldn't really try out a new recipe on someone else, should you?  But it turned out okay.  I had faith because it was a "pioneer woman" recipe -- Tater Tot Casserole.  Basically a potato, egg, sausage, cheese casserole.  Real stick-to-your-ribs food to get you through church service!  😋  

So, anyway, I need to catch up here since January is flying by!  This has been a slow winter for me.  We're not doing much except going to doctor appointments it seems.  I have done some weaving and dyeing wool for rug hooking.  Also did a 'little' needlepunch -- I enjoy that!  We're used to going away for a few weeks and here we are, stuck in Indiana.  But thankfully we've had unusually warm temps, so I'm happy with that.  And today is sunny and clear.  What more could a person ask?  I need to quit complaining!  Being with your church family, enjoying a good breakfast, a singing service at church, a quiet afternoon with my hubby -- all good.  

We were flooded in recently, in a way (you could drive out if you didn't mind driving through the water -- and you had to do so in the truck, not the car), but it wasn't for long.  Sometimes I worry about that aspect of living here, since Wendell isn't enjoying perfect health.  But what will be will be. 

Let me see ... what has been on my mind?  What's been going on?

Well, before I do anything else, I want to show you these pictures.  One a.m. I was in the bedroom making the bed and looked out the window and WOW!  Hundreds, maybe thousands of grackles were in our yard and out into the corn field across the lane and also in the woods all around us.  It was AWESOME!  When they would take off (and then quickly reposition themselves) it would sound like thunder in the distance.  I watched them, and took photos, for about half an hour; here's three of them.  Just ... wow!

When I put away the Christmas decor I spend some time looking at the ornaments, reminiscing.  They all have some memory attached.  These four Jan Cabel made for me and they are so special.  She made these annually and I was lucky enough to receive them for 4 years.  Jan's enjoying her retirement now at Park View Village in Odon, now that Joe's gone.  She isn't able to hook anymore and I miss her at HH and guild.....
One day, out of the blue, I came home and Wendell had brought me flowers.  And found a really appropriate vase for them in the cupboard.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I think they're lovely.  And they lasted a long time, too!  Thank you, honey.
Here's a sunrise over Kelly's Ridge.  I usually get up first and enjoy some quiet time drinking coffee, reading and thinking.  This is what I saw one morning back in December out the dining room window during my quiet time.  The sun's almost ready to pop.
This will be my next hooked rug, I THINK.  I drew this recently from a free pattern in a book entitled, appropriately, "Rug Hooking".  (Duh!)  It's called "tumbling cats".  I think it will be quite challenging!!  What do you think?
Would you believe it?  My sweet granddaughter Veronica turned sweet 16 last week?  Here she was a mere 16 years ago!  Happy birthday V!

Well, that's about all that's new with me.  Like I said, nothing exciting going on this winter.  But who knows ???  Life is full of surprises!  Like the grackles.  
God is good!

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