Thursday, July 30, 2020

Finally ... rain!

Today is warm and humid and rainy.  Sort of like living in Florida!  But we need the rain so I'm not complaining.  Only thing is, this will make the grass grow.  We just mowed last week for the first time in 2-3 weeks.  So with this rain we've been getting the past several days, we'll be out there mowing again next week for sure.  I don't mind the mowing ... I 'mind' the weed whipping and weed pulling and sweeping up, etc.  Actually, being out on the mower is a good time to do some thinking.

We re-did our front sidewalk over the past two weeks, between rains, and it looks good again.  Took up the old pavers, redid the base, and then re-laid them using a new type of edging to hold them in place.  Used polymeric sand to sweep into the cracks and they're in there for a while now!  Looks pretty good.  That work outside in the humidity about did me in though!  I HATE to sweat.  We did it a half-day at a time.  We were supposed to get a guy here to help, but he never showed.  So we did it ourselves.  What can I say?  It's Greene County.

I've been keeping busy otherwise doing the usual stuff around here, sewing, crocheting, hooking, and TRYING to get the loom warped, and heddles and harp threaded.  It is a tedious job.  But I really need to get it done and get started weaving a couple rugs I owe people ...  So this is what I've been keeping busy with lately:
I already have a lot of weft ready but during the past month I've prepared this, too.  Most light to medium weight cottons are cut 2 1/2" wide, sewn together, then folded over and pressed.  Denim is cut 2".  I roll them just to keep them together and ready to go, plus it's easy to store this way and gives me an idea of how much is there ...

I have all the warp cranked on, but now in the process of threading the heddles.  As of today we have 5 sections threaded and 10 to go.  Wendell has to help with this.  He sits behind the loom and passes each warp thread to me and I use the tool that pulls the warp through the heddle.  NEXT I have to bring the warp through the harp.  So as I tell anyone who asks, by far the hardest part of weaving is warping and threading the loom! 

I saved up old coffee cans and found a bike rim, took it all to Neil White and he turned it all into this nifty whirlygig.  Nice paint job, too!  I love it!  THANK YOU, NEIL!

Friend Laurie brought this to hooking couple weeks ago.  Isn't this neat?  It's wool, like we hook rugs with.  Looks just like lavender.  She took a class; we think she should teach us now!  Hint, hint, hint. 😁  At least our two rug hooking groups are still meeting.  Here's keeping our fingers crossed that this will continue.  But I guess that's all up to Dr. Holcomb -- oops, that's Gov. Holcomb.

Here's the sidewalk just before we put the polymeric sand on it.  Looks pretty good.  Our only fear now is with this downpour that the new soil on both sides will wash out.  It's on a slight slope ...  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, we're hoping that we won't need an ark to get out of here tomorrow to celebrate Wendell's birthday.  He's now six years and two months beyond his stroke and heart attack.  Every birthday is special.  God is so good!

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