Thursday, December 30, 2021

Auld Lang Syne ...

Well, 2021 has not been a kind year to me. So I'm ready to say goodbye, and maybe I can move on with my life when the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night! 

The most critical thing that happened this year in my life was the loss of my partner of 58 years (plus two more during which we were dating and then engaged).  So really 60 years!  Wendell.  Oh, I do not have any words that can describe how I feel about that.  When my NP prescribed prozac, maybe I should have taken them.  I thought "I'm strong; I can do this without being medicated!"  But I'm still crying every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  So I guess I'm not adjusting like I thought I would.  I keep waiting for something to happen to point me in the direction I should be going.  Haven't seen the exit sign yet.  But I'm hanging on because I know that eventually I'll get back on the right track.  I do know this: I go for lots of drives in the country and I know I'm searching for something.  One of these days I'll find it!

Well ... what's been on my mind as the year closes.  Yes.  It has to get better.  Because, besides the death of my husband, and in spite of having the shot (I refuse to call it a vaccine) I still got covid19.  It sure wasn't fun.  "They say" it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't had the shot?  Really?  I think that I'm now just another guinea pig in this big science experiment.  I did some reading today back on some of the things "they say" we should/shouldn't be doing.  It's sure changed over the past year and a half!  Like I say -- science experiment.

Looking back through my photos, here's what I've saved recently.  You'd think that with all the driving I've been doing I would find something interesting to photograph (maybe I should start take pictures while I'm out there wandering about).  I tracked the corn and bean harvest this fall, watched the Amish pumpkin and mum patches mature, noticed that around here things remained green all summer (we had lots of rain I guess), saw numerous large old barns and old houses that Wendell would have loved seeing, stopped at a few yard sales but rarely bought anything, drove through countless tiny country towns -- I am amazed at how many little towns there are just in my county and up in Jay County.  And over the line in western Ohio.  Oh, I have a long way I can still go before I run out of roads to drive and don't have to take an overnight bag ...

But anyway:

I've made several trips to the antiques mall in the old Jay Garment factory in Portland. These two photos are a good example of their eclectic mix of vendors. Something about this particular booth caught my eye. I love the various arms and legs on the shelf. It is a HUGE place and well worth a visit if you're ever through Portland!


These two photos were taken outside the Pennville General Store (in Pennville!).  It's a dandy little store right on Indiana highway 1; only open Friday & Saturday. I bought the neatest decorative metal containers there (hmmm ... I have purchased a few metal containers lately) and some Christmas ornaments at their holiday open house. Been there a couple times now and I'll go back again to see what's old/new. Problem is, just about a year ago we had an auction and I sold just the sort of things I'm now re-buying ...

Drove by the place where my old school used to be, one mile west of Petroleum (also on Indiana highway 1). This was sad to me; I've been by here before and still old pieces of concrete and brick are working their way up out of the farm field. I went to this school grades 1-12; they consolidated in 1967 with three other schools to form Southern Wells Community School. Don't you love the original names they gave these consolidations? LOL!

I attend to a great knit & crochet group that meets weekly in Farmland. These were for show n' tell last week: Becca is in the process of making all of these granny squares into lap robes!  Awesome! She does wonderful work. People donate yarn to the group and these were all made from those donations. She is an awesome craftsperson AND one of the most interesting people I've met here.

New mural in Portland, Indiana! It's on the side of a building next to an old, abandoned Clark's station that I used to go to as a teenager. Memories! There are lots of murals in towns around here and I have been photographing them. I actually happened to be going through town the day the artist was working on this and sat in the Dollar store parking lot, next door, and watched him for a while. It was a hot day...

Well, adieu 2021!  I'm ready for a new year.  Sadness is not a good thing but it's my life ... right now.  So here's to better things in 2022!  God bless us all!

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