Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost over ...

Well, this year is almost done.  It just flew by!  Again I didn't loose weight, send everyone birthday and anniversary cards, or demonstrate for world peace.  What I did do was lots of things around here!  I froze several containers of corn, berries, and pesto (from my own basil), in spite of the terribly dry summer and pitiful vegetable garden.  Graduated from the Master Gardener program.  Became the news reporter for my homemakers club.  Guided the local hooking group, the Holy Hookers, for another year (like herding cats ... LOL!).   Organized a hooked rug display at the Carnegie Center in Linton in the spring.   Painted my laundry room and kitchen (red!).  Attended a quilt retreat in KY and a rug hooking retreat in Ferdinand. Actually finished several quilts that were in various stages of completion for several years.  (And only started two new quilts.)  On the negative side, I now have at least five hooked pieces in various stages of progress .... Ahhhh ... balance is difficult to achieve.

Today there was an earthquake in Indiana.  Right up near where our eldest son lives!  That doesn't happen often in Indiana.  We celebrated this event by cleaning house!  What fun ...  But tonight will be fun ... having dinner with some good friends at The Old Bank in Linton.  That will probably be the limit of our New Year celebration, albeit a day early.  God bless each of you and may you have a wonder start to the new year.