Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another row done ...

Hate to only write these few words but just finished another row on this runner rug. Putting the picture below and to the right. Eight rows to go!!! I'm getting excited. I think by this fall I will have this thing whipped out! Wouldn't it be great to have it down for the holidays!?

W. & I took a "day off" ... until we got home. Actually I read in the local paper online that we would be without power for 4 hours, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., so we got up, ready and were out of here a few minutes after they threw that big switch. Delivered Deb's rug along the way (see yesterday's post). Went to the Vincennes area and got a melon at one place and some peaches at another. Took a nice drive in the country along the Wabash River. On into Vincennes for lunch at the Old Time Cafe (I think ...). Had a great fried chicken salad! I know everyone goes to Peafections, in the same block, but we had read about this little cafe and it was worth the visit. Besides I've been to Peafections lots of times.

Home about 3 and Wendell says he "needs" to go out to the garage to do a little work ... (BIG SIGH). I just can't get him away from his little jobs for a whole day! So why am I griping ??? I just hooked on this rug! LOL! But it's not work to me ... obviously that's how he feels about his tractor!

Wish me luck tomorrow; going back to that *%$@*#$&* ENT and hope to be able to hear again very soon. Like about 3:30 tomorrow afternoon! This is awful! Please say a little prayer for me; this is starting to get serious.

Left-overs for dinner tonight. I like left-overs ... Have a good evening.