Friday, July 15, 2011

Done (sort of ...)

Well, it is HOOKED but of course not bound ... so I won't be entering it in the fair tomorrow after all. But here is what it looks like. If you squint your eyes it will look steamed, trimmed, turned under, and bound. What do you think? LOL!!!

Too much "life" got in the way this week for me to get this rug bound. It seems like I am always saying 'what an unbelievably busy week I've had'. I just told a friend in an email last night that this just has to stop and I even named some activities I think I can drop out of without causing any inconvenience for anyone else. So now all I have to do is follow through with my promises to myself.

As Wendell and I were leaving for Bloomington this a.m., with a LONG list of errands to do there and along the way, he said that we are just way too busy. What an understatement. I think we need to take another 'vacation'. Our kids think that retirement is just one long vacation but they will find out someday .....

I got my hair cut short again today and it's back to the spiky look, so that will be cooler in these upcoming mid-90 degree days. I think she actually cut it shorter than the first time! Wow! It should look good and weird tomorrow morning ... seems like when I sleep I look like I have a Mohawk when I get up! Takes lots of product to make it look "right" (whatever that is) and I am notoriously bad at the girly girl stuff.

Spent Monday and Tuesday going to see Mom in Bluffton. She is progressing well and everyone there thinks she should be back in her apartment within the next few weeks. I know she will be glad to get out of the nursing care unit and back to the peace and quiet of her own place. She has had lots of company, family and friends, and this has helped because Mom is a very social person. One of my former high school classmates has even visited her and I know Mom has enjoyed that. (Thanks, Judy!) Yes, in our small class of 16 there were TWO Judy's!

Tomorrow I go to work at the Owen County Fair assisting the judges of the foods categories. (I understand there may be sampling going on later in the day!!!!) This will be a new experience and I look forward to it. The home extension club I belong to met this week and the fair was one of our main topics of discussion. Big event for us right now!

I think next week will be a big week in the garden. I'm thinking I will do a big batch of lime pickles and also try some pickled okra. My green beans are looking good and so is the sweet corn. I hope to have enough of both to eat some and freeze some for the winter. The tomatoes are just starting to ripen and I need to cut the basil before it gets any bigger and make some pesto. (Sigh ...) Those Roma tomatoes and the basil go great on a homemade pizza with some mozzarella cheese ... YUM! Yes, it just gets better and better!