Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holy Hookers last night ...

Here's a picnic basket project I just finished this past week. I found this old picnic basket at a yard sale for $2 and hooked a top for it. I'll probably end up selling it next year at the fiber fair but I hope to put it in the Holy Hookers rug show at the fire station this fall before then.

The HH met last night at the library in Worthington. Although it was a small group, we had a really good time. We just sat and hooked and got caught up on what is going on in our lives. Talking about our parents was one big part of the evening. For some of us it is a major part of our lives just now. It is always interesting to see what everyone is working on at the moment. I think at the next meeting I'll take along my camera (IF I can remember it ...) and take some project pictures to share here.

Margo was binding a pretty little round mat with a bird and nest/eggs. Teresa was working on the border of a crescent shaped mat that has real stain-glass-window colors & look to it. She is a meticulous hooker with great technique and color sense. Becky was down to the background on her current piece. She has been busy caring for her parents and was glad for an evening away. I worked on my scrappy squares rug and got a good suggestion on how to complete it in time for the fair -- take it with me to see Mom next week and work on it while she's in PT and in the evening after she goes to bed! Excellent suggestion and I will be doing that! Jane was there and I failed to take notice of what she was working on! She also has excellent technique and finishes to perfection. I am just proud to say I got her started hooking. I hope she puts one of her recent projects in the county fair!

Today is sort of busy ... baked a dessert for Wendell to take to a special Lodge meeting tonight and after the dryer buzzes and I finish with that, I must go over to the garage and can the last of the beets. Hard, hot work but they will taste good this winter.

I have put the runner rug aside but will be back to it ... I hope ... but for right now I'm focused on completing that scrappy squares rug in time for the fair check-in July 16. I don't know; that is less than two weeks. We'll see ...