Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excellent week ...

Leeann's work space (with her priorities straight!)

Leeann's quilt top in progress

My work space and quilt top in progress

Jane's work space (isn't she neat!)

Jane's baby quilt in progress

Deb hooking (and watching IU basketball on TV, all at the same time!)

I've just had a great week. Been enjoying this really fine weather but last night the gloomy moved in; we had a real storm with wind but no damage. Wendell was cooking out on the deck and the rain started (of course) while he was out there, so he pulled the grill into the screened porch. Since I just freak out about the wind anymore, we moved the dinner to the wine room in the basement where it could be blowing 100 mph and you'd never hear it. Nice. By the time we finished a bottle and dinner it was calm top side. Ahhhhh ....

Had a wonderful retreat at Jane's last Friday & Saturday and I think all of us got a lot done! (Thank you again Jane for having us.) I know Leeann finished her quilt top and I am done with Benjie's mystery quilt #1 except for a couple of smallish borders. Some pix are above from the weekend. Jane has a WONDERFUL space for this sort of thing. We missed Benjie (she's in sunny FL) and Jane sent her a picture on the cell so she could share in a small way. Deb joined us and hooked. Jane was working on her newest grand baby's quilt. It was wonderful having all of that time to sew with no stopping except for short pizza and wine breaks and some sleep!

This week I'm trying to tie up loose ends and start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and what I have to do revolving around that. I'll bet you're doing the same thing. Friday will be a fun day; I'm going to a quilt show in Columbus and stopping along the way at Homestead Weavers in Brown County. (I will get my loom warped and weave something before Christmas.) On the minus side, I took all of my hooking "stuff" back over to the garage so I probably won't get any more hooking (to amount to anything) done on that runner rug until the holidays are over. (Sigh ...)

This Saturday will be the Holy Hookers rug display at Select Insurance in Worthington from 10 to 2. I'm excited! I'm making labels on the printer and it looks like I need to email some of them again to bug them about bringing something! I probably should have done some sort of advertising, like an announcement in the local paper, but I just haven't gotten that done (yet). (Did I say I'm plenty good at procrastination?) But we'll be there if anyone knows about us or not. I'm thinking signage is all I need outside and hopefully the weather will be good enough to put a rug out front to point the way! People will be in town for the holiday open house and it will be fun! I was sad to hear that Wendy's antique shop will be closing after the holidays! Darn!

Have a blessed week!