Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hooking was last night ...

We had a great time at the Library. Librarian Andrea told me there were 12 of us. A good sized group. Since there were no newbies I got to hook, too! I took the rug that has the woman with weird hair and I'd say I have about 1/3 to go. It's a pretty large rug. I am determined to NOT start anything new until I have it AND the dreaded runner rug complete! (If I don't get it done by Jan. 1 I will probably put it away again .....) I am just so tired of it! BUT it would be nice to have it down in the hall and actually use it before we move away from here to a house without a hallway ... LOL!

Wendell & Neil have been cutting wood the past few days and I have been over at my work room sewing. I finally have the mystery quilt organized and now all I have to do is sew it together. Sounds easy, doesn't it. My friend Jane is having a sewing marathon at her house in a few days and I expect to get lots done there. Yeah! Looking forward to that ...

One of the things we discussed last night was our upcoming rug display at the Select Insurance offices on November 19 in Worthington. We are looking forward to having the use of that space, especially because Jane has assembled some wonderful antique pieces in their front lobby that we can utilize as display units for our rugs! And Deb says the tree will be up! I am so excited! That date is the official kick-off for Christmas by the merchants. Worthington has a great assortment of antiques shops now and we will be right next to the bestest one, Worthington Antiques. You just have to see this shop! I am thrilled that Jane & Mike have let us use their business for our rug display. I think it will be a nice complement to the merchant's holiday open house.

I'm going to add a "page", to the right, from our last rug display which was at the fire station in Worthington a.s.a.p. Let me know what you think. I'll call it Holy Hookers Spring Show.

Well, I gotta accomplish a few little jobs around here today. I finally have ALL of the flower beds ready for winter. But I want to finish taking in my flowers in pots before they freeze & crack. So I think I'll finish that after lunch (along with the obligatory load of laundry). Hung the sheets out yesterday and they got plenty o' wind; smell so good! Tonight I think we're going to the Gasthoff for dinner, if Wendell can stand up. Neil is working his butt off! (Actually I think it's a contest.) And W. doesn't have much of a butt to lose! LOL!