Sunday, February 5, 2012

The place we're staying ...

1017 & 1019 North Bennett ... we're the door on the left ...

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the duplex we're staying in here in Silver City NM.  The picture above is of the front of the house.  It is a one-bedroom duplex.  It is a straight shoot with living room at the front, kitchen in the middle, with bedroom, bath and closet at the rear.

Since we've been here the other half has only been occupied for one week.  They were an enjoyable couple, Bob & Carmen, from Wisconsin.  They are retired school teachers and live on a farm; good neighbors and fun to talk with!

My side of living room; I would love to have this leather sofa at home!
Wendell's side of the living room ... chair, ottoman, TV ... what more does a guy need?!

Partial view of the kitchen; the range & frig are on the left just out of view. 
Behind me is the side door to the back yard.

Our bedroom.  I'm standing in the door from the kitchen. 
The door into the bathroom is at the right.

The common patio area, just back of the duplex.  The landlords live right next door, behind me.  It's a great space with a grill, fireplace and flat screen TV.
This should give you a pretty good feel for the place.  The neighborhood is just average middle-class.  This town is divided by a creek.  We live "just" on the "wrong side of the creek" (sort of like the wrong side of the tracks back home?).  But it is generally quiet here.  (I think we tend to want quiet more than the average bear because we are used to living in the country where it is dead quiet at night.)  The owners are a really nice couple and have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable and welcomed.

We continue to enjoy our stay here in NM.  Will probably start home in the middle of the month.  We have seen some more interesting places this past week and I'll post more pictures soonest.  More later ...