Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home again ...

Well, it's 'back home again in Indiana' for me.  It's been a busy few days with unpacking, laundry, shopping, and getting things dusted up.

We had a nice drive back and really took our time.  Got in late Tuesday.  This has been a great adventure and I believe we saw the most beautiful scenery on this trip, comparing it to Arizona and Texas.  I think we want to try somewhere else next year but don't know where that will be.  I don't think we'll ever get over the love of seeing what's over the next hill, no matter how old we get.

Talked to mother several times within the last few days and I have shamefully put off going up there; I just could not get myself back into a vehicle for another long ride.  So I talked Wendell into going with me this time and we're leaving tomorrow a.m. for two days in Bluffton.  Along the way home we want to stop and see Jeff, too.  So it will be a busy trip.  I'm going to add some more pictures from the end of our time in Silver City to the bottom of the page but here is an interesting one I took along the way home.
Taken in the ghost town of Paradise Valley, NM, about 50 miles east of Deming
We went back to church this a.m. and it was good to be "home".  Now, I just need to see Mother and some more of my bestest friends and everything will be right again.  Have a blessed week ...