Thursday, February 9, 2012

Walking through the art district ...

Last Saturday Wendell wanted to just veg out, read, and watch some TV, so after lunch I walked downtown with my camera (and some $$$).  Thought I'd share some pictures I took that day.  I met the nicest weaver; she has a shop of her own but I happened to meet her at another shop where she was delivering some of her work for sale.  Actually she had mostly scarves with her that day and they looked a lot (by size and type of yarn used) like the one I made when I took that weaving class a couple of years ago at Yarns Unlimited in Bloomington.  So anyway ... we talked for a while.  Unfortunately she wasn't going to be in her shop that day so I think I'll go back and visit with her another day before we leave here.  I did look in the window of her shop and the loom that was set up right in front of the window had thread heddles!!!  The only other place I have seen that was in the Pioneer Building at the State Fair (i.e., old loom).

Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures ...

Courtyard of two galleries on Yankie Street.

Stretch of colorfully-painted galleries on Texas Street. 

Galleries and a coffee house on Yankie Street.

This quirky combination of elements caught my eye ...

We've decided to stay another week, then take off for a slow trip home at the end of next week.  We took an interesting drive through some awesome country yesterday, right at the base of the Mogollon Mountains.  How can you look at such beauty and not believe in a Creator?

I've talked with mom a couple times this week and she had good news.  She had a doctor's visit and he said her leg is already beginning to heal!  That is wonderful news.  [Thank you God for answered prayer!]  The bad news is that they immediately began working her lower body in physical therapy, so last time I talked to her she was just back from PT and said she was laying flat out on her bed, exhausted!  She is a fighter!  Thanks again for all of your positive thoughts and prayers for my mother.