Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Picture this ...

Tried yesterday to post and insert photos here.  For some reason Blogger (or our computer) was unable to do that.  So I'll post pictures at the right until I return home ...

We are in sunny AZ!  The weather has been lovely; clear, sunny days but cool nights.  So different than the weather we left behind in IN!  We felt lucky to get out of our driveway!  Thank goodness for John, our farmer/neighbor!  He plowed our road.

I got off to a rocky start though ...  The last a.m. on the road I became violently ill.  When we arrived I was unable to interact with the property owners.  Poor Wendell had to take care of everything, including unloading the truck and unpacking everything!  I went straight to bed.  I guess it was/is the flu.  He felt okay until the end of the week then he got sick, too!  It's just the usual flu symptoms ... awful.  Now I am  feeling almost back to normal.  He is in the midst of feeling awful.  We wonder if we'll ever feel "normal" again!  LOL!  We have been out a couple times but were both so weak and didn't go far.  Today is just a beautiful day but here we are, inside.  We vow that no matter what we'll go out to the Cochise Stronghold this afternoon but I wonder if we'll make it ...

On the plus side, I think I have lost weight.  You gotta find some good from  this, right?

We're staying in a rental home in Sunsites/Pearce.  It is a small golfing community that was intended to be a 55-plus community but has been evolving into just a normal little desert community.  Out our back door is one of the tees; we're right on the golf course.  There are several businesses along the frontage road including a dollar store, hardware, bank, post office, restaurants, etc.  Just about everything you need is here but nevertheless we  went into Willcox Sunday to get a birthday card for our girl (who is 9 years old today).  I know the card will be late but we just felt so awful before ...  Between the time I was starting to feel better and W. started getting ill, we found the local grocery; it's wonderful!  We'll go there often, I'm sure.  There is also a meat market called Guzman's and we're told we should try the mesquite smoked bacon.  (Maybe later ...)

I'll put the pix from our time here top right.  And do the best I can.  There is definitely something wrong with Blogger and I've typed most of this more than once; I'll be typing along and look up and what I typed just disappears ... So if I sound disconnected, that's why.

Pray for us that we get back to normal.  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERONICA!

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