Monday, January 21, 2013

Reading, walking, driving ...

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We are thoroughly enjoying our time at Sunsites!  After the unusual freeze here last week, the past few days have been so very nice!  Right now it's 72 degrees.  Absolutely perfect for me.  Actually the locals think this is cold!  Go figure!  To us it is heaven ... clear, sunny, warm. ... what more could we ask for?

Yesterday was a very laid back day.  We went to church at Community again and they say their attendance was back to normal.  I'd say there were about 50 people there.  It is a very conservative church (in LOTS of ways).  I know an acquaintance of mine back home that would be flipping out and would probably walk out. But to me it was refreshing to have a minister dare to be more than middle of the road; I guess I've been a Methodist too long!  LOL! 

In the afternoon we took a walk on some of the golf course paths.  This golf course is in the middle of being revitalized and they don't have a lot of players yet.  When they are done (if their $$$ holds out) it will be a nice little course.  We have heard gossip that they are converting it to a 9 hole course but we see signs of work on all 18.  It is lovely to walk but we are careful to watch closely for golfers!  lol!

Saturday was very eventful.  We took a back road into Benson.  Let's just say that a 7-mile trip on a certain back road Wendell wanted to take took us 1 1/2 hours!  (Wow is right!)  When we finally got to Benson we visited a bookstore out in the country called Singing Wind.  It was glorious!  (Have I said I love to read?)  Of course we had to buy something there ...  They have a cute little burro in the pasture by the house.  And a back cortyard with lots of bird feeders and fountains.  And a front porch with a swing and comfortable chairs.  And for Wendell, there were a couple of old tractors by the barn.  Ahhhhhhh ...

Went on to shop at the local Walmart and also stopped for some gas.  Prices here right now are about $3.19.  We're told it's $2.75 in Tucson!  On the way home we stopped at Triangle T Ranch for dinner.  Got there just at dusk.  It's in the Big Rocks area about 3 miles north of Dragoon.  It is an awesome place; a combination dude ranch, restaurant, spa, retreat center.  Several casitas dotted around the central buildings and pool.  They always have live music Saturday nights and that's why we went.  They had a 3-piece western band and they were pretty good.  The service was slow but we were well entertained while we waited for dinnr.  And we had a bottle of wine to keep us company.  The "saloon" is built around a huge boulder (wish I had a picture of that...).  We weaved home on the back roads after that and by the time we got the grub put away it was time for bed! 

My internal alarm  clock is still waking me up earlier than I would like.  I am  finally sleeping until 7:30 (which is 9:30 Indiana time).  I just get up and do the coffee thing and wait for Wendell to get up and around ... it's a good life.  I feel blessed to be here.