Sunday, May 5, 2013

40 more days and 40 more nights???

Wow.  I think it may never stop!  And chilly!  We had the furnace on today!  In May!  Enough already ...

But seriously, I have another Extension Homemaker event this week and I'm starting to fret about not being able to attend because of flooding on our road.  I'm co-hostess of the regular local meeting and it would just be the Foster luck to be flooded in again.  Like I said ... a continuing disappointment to family and friends for 68 years.

Sandy and I have a fondue night planned for club.  We went to the lesson conference in Cloverdale a few weeks ago and the fondue session was one of the two I attended.  So besides "serving" fondue, I'm going to talk to them about fondue as they eat.  Like killing two birds with one stone I guess; should make for a slightly shorter meeting.  I guess I'll eat when I get home.  Sandy is making cheese and sausage fondue with hearty bread as dippers.  I'm doing a basic chocolate fondue as a dessert with several different dippers (pretzels, fruit, marshmallows, and pound cake).  Also a big Cesaer salad and drinks.  Hopefully all will go well.  I have just two meetings to go as treasurer!  Yeah!  I can't wait to be done with that job; I never wanted to do it in the first place.  I've been secretary of several different organizations but never treasurer.  I don't know how it happened ..... (lol!  Oh yes, another time I couldn't remember to use the word "no".)

I just put a new "page" on my blog.  The pages section is on the right.  For those of you who are new at rug hooking and want to bind your rug in the traditional method (and not that whipping stuff) and need some direction, I've added a page called "How to Bind a Traditional Hooked Rug" or some such title ... it's the first 'page' listed anyway.  It has lots of pictures because as they say "A picture is worth ........"  Thanks to Wendell, my photographer.

The 10th Annual Wool Arts Fiber Fair is in Washington in two weeks.  Our hooking guild is the sponsor.  I'm getting nervous and excited.  I have to prepare the patterns for the beginning rug hooking class and I haven't gotten a count yet.  I'm hoping not a lot to do.  The limit is 12 so it shouldn't be too bad.  I have 9 drawn and ready but otherwise have to cut all the wool, etc.  It's just two little stars (found the template online) on a rectangular mat.  I think beginners should start on something do-able.  Yesterday, in the rain, W. and I went to several places and left ads (mostly to gift and antique shops).  I hope we have a good turnout AND that it's not still raining!  

Tomorrow I paint the master bathroom.  Then Randy will come back and put on the bull nose (baseboard) tile.  The floor looks excellent!  All we'll have to do then is re-hang lights and towel bars, put up the two new mirrors I found at TJ Maxx for $25 (!!!), and Wendell and Randy will re-install the toilet.  I got a new shower curtain at the Maxx, too.  Wendell promised to put in the new faucets I bought (maybe Randy will help with that, too, hopefully).  THEN we'll start the process all over again in the guest bathroom.  But it will all be good when it's done ...
Our garden is doing well; enjoying green onions and asparagus.  My flowers are all planted and I am waiting for them to come up.  May showers also bring flowers, right?