Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dancing as fast as I can ...

Before I begin, here are pix of two little mats I finished recently and just got them steamed this a.m.  IF (and that's a big "if") I get them bound, I'll sell them at the fiber fair on the 18th.

I think I like the little orange cat the best.  Also have a teeny, tiny baby bunny mat actually complete.  That cat was blown up from a little applique for a quilt and the bunny pattern was given to me by Bonnie G. from Evansville a long time ago (we miss you Bonnie!).

Today has been so hectic and I'll be glad when it's over.  Wendell and I both agree that some days we feel like we're spinning out of our selves and splintering into lots of little pieces, all useless.  Then the next day we're back together again.  Go figure.  I guess God does that for us.  If I didn't have that time in the a.m. to sit down and do my devotions I'd be a mess.  And that cup of coffee helps, too.  Just that little bit of quiet time makes all the difference.  I don't know what I'd do if I had to go back to getting up early and going to work every day ... I just couldn't do it now.  My last two years of work, working from home, were the best years of my work life.

Today I'm getting ready for the extension homemaker meeting tonight ... I'm co-hostess.  After breakfast I started by baking and frosting some brownies for a meeting Wendell has tonight.  Then I started prepping for my meeting tonight.  I'm doing a fondue lesson for the club so we're doing a fondue "tasting" as refreshments.  Cheese/sausage fondue with hearty bread as one fondue, a big Cesar salad, and chocolate fondue with dippers for dessert.  So I started by cleaning six heads of Romaine, spinning, tearing, etc.  Got it all ready to go.  Bagged the ice.  Went on to dicing pound cake, cleaning whole strawberries, putting the other "dippers" in the box for the car -- marshmallows, dried tropical fruit, pretzel stix.  Wrapped the cutlery in napkins and tied them with a ribbon.  Got all of the paper goods in the car.  Then I made chili for lunch since Randy is here for the last day of working on the master bathroom (YEAH! ... it's almost done!  then it's on to the guest bathroom ...). It was good to share a bowl of soup with the guys.

Just got back from setting up the meeting room with Sandy.  All I have to do late in the afternoon is make the chocolate fondue and get everything else over there (Freedom Community Center).  Don't you hate wishing your life away sometimes, saying "I wish this were over."?  Saying "when this is over then everything will slow down"  ... never happens.

We have been working on plans for our 50th anniversary celebration and just today got an invite from some old friends from Ridgeville for their 50th!  What a nice surprise!  I hope we can go; it's very close to ours ...