Thursday, June 20, 2013


It's been a few busy weeks and I've not had the time or inclination to sit down here to write.  But loose ends are being tied up, so I think everything will work out alright!  I anticipate having more free time soonest ...

Our two bathrooms have been remodeled!  Yeah!  With a lot of help from our friend Randy, the master bath was done first and we've been back in it, using it for a few weeks.  Randy lightly textured the ceiling and painted it; patched and smoothed the walls (I painted them); put down ceramic floor tile; fixed a problem shower.  It looks good and works good!  Wendell put in new faucets and cabinet hardware.  I like it!  Then Randy moved on to the guest bathroom, which is just now complete.  He again did the same treatment to the ceiling and walls (again, I painted the walls); put bright white subway tile above the shower with a band of interest; put ceramic tile on the floor.  I painted the vanity counter top and had some major problems but finally got them solved to my satisfaction.  Just finished that job yesterday, so we will not use that bathroom for about a week to give it a chance to cure.  (Then Randy will come back and caulk around the vanity.)  THEN it will be done.  Wendell put on new cabinet hardware in that bathroom, too

I have had fun buying a few new things for both bathrooms; new mirrors for sure, a few new towels, outlet covers, waste baskets, etc.  Now I'll have to find some wall decor for both rooms.

I'm telling people we're fixing it up to sell and that just may be true.  We can't stay here forever; the outdoor work is getting overwhelming.  But I've had a piece of advise from Mother -- don't move unless and until you "just have to".  Don't know if that's good advise, all things considered ...  I heard just this a.m. that mortgage interest rates are starting to inch up again.  Sigh ... with any luck we can put it off until rates are MUCH higher.  (LOL!)

Last Sunday we did a fun thing!  We went to the first play of the season at Shawnee Theater in Bloomfield and saw "The Tafettas."  It was very good; lots of energy and about a gazillion songs from the 60's.  Just our cup of tea.  After the show the group signed autographs in the lobby (in character).  Sort of funny -- the Taffetas are supposedly from Muncie, the town where I was born.  They made several jokes about Muncie ... Here's my autographed program.  Wendell said it was a good Father's Day; he enjoyed it.

Well, in a couple days we'll be having our 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  I'm not nervous now and I don't know if that's good or not.  I was nervous and anxious about a week ago but since I now have lots of lists made and things done, I feel more calm.  Making lists, and shopping, and having boxes of supplies ready does it for me.  I had the annual physical checkup thrown into the mix about a week ago so that was really why I was so anxious.  And I got a little taste of the "affordable" health care act while I was at it and didn't like it one bit.  Left a bad taste in my mouth ...

I've been lucky to be married to such a good man for 50 years.  It will be a good weekend, I know.