Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting ready for the winter holidays?

Me too!  Was sitting in an extension homemaker meeting last night, comparing busy lives with the woman across the table from me.  We decided we were both crazy!  It was a good "Jolly" meeting with three guest speakers.  I originally joined homemakers to 1) learn something and 2) have fun.  Neither has been happening recently and you might say this meeting came just in the nick of time.  The county extension educator gave a Power Point demo on Pinterest and now I think I know how to use it ... I'll try some day when I have a half day to mess around with it and before I forget everything I learned last night.  Other two speakers were from Owen Valley Health Campus, speaking and demonstrating yoga exercises you can do in bed before you get up and the other lady demonstrated simple exercises you can do to help with flexibility.  Both things I needed to hear and learn more about.  And dinner was delicious with three different kinds of soup, and salads.  And of course, desserts!  It was a good evening.  The business meeting was blessedly short ...

[I've been having mucho problems with Blogger and some days I could pull my hair out.  That is why I haven't been posting as often as in the past.  I bounce in and out, trying to finish what I start.  Sorry about that!]   

Been keeping busy lately.  Though we got the loom warped I haven't threaded the heddles yet so that means I haven't started weaving yet ...   have however been sewing cut and ripped fabric into long pieces and rolling them into balls for the weft.  The warp I'm using for the next run of rugs is a linen color, so I'm going to be making rugs in medium shades.  Looking forward to it!

Also been hooking a lot!  Finished a rug called "Mother Cat with Lost Kittens".  Pix below.

"Mother Cat with Lost Kittens", a Margo White design.  Just finished hooking but not bound.

Then, I started on the fourth hooking of a little mat I first made years ago called Three Chicks.  It's a Needl'love design and I've given the other three away -- this one I'm keeping.  I'll put a picture of it here when I get it bound.  The Holy Hookers met at Select Insurance on October first and it was a good night ... rainy outside but warm and cozy inside.  Jane is so welcoming!  We had a nice group and a nice visit.  Doesn't everyone enjoy being with kindred spirits?!  I hook in spurts and stops.  Same with crochet, weaving and reading.  I have been reading books like a fiend until just recently but only reading lately has been catching up on magazines ...

Recently we went for a day-long drive.  Our final destination was Salem to have dinner at Christopher's on the Square.  It was a good day even though it was overcast.  The leaves were just starting to turn and it was good to get away from work at home.  We stopped at a winery and a couple antiques shops along the way, as well at the art center in Nashville.  Here's some pix from that day.  

Enjoy and have a blessed upcoming weekend! 

We went for a drive couple weeks ago and came across this old covered bridge near Medora, IN.  It is said to be the longest surviving covered bridge in the U.S.  You can't drive over it; the new bridge is out of sight to the right.

On the same road trip we went through Story, IN.  Here's the restaurant.  Delicious but slightly overpriced food.  I loved all of the antiques, inside and out.

We've had two little snows so far.  I think way too early for this time and place.  What happened to that man-made global warming "they" keep talking about?  We need some warming here and now...