Monday, November 25, 2013

Blue Monday ...

I'm guess I'm feeling "blue" because I'm so COLD!

Five reasons I'm blue:
1. Again, it's Monday and it's cold, AND there's no sun,
2. The Colts lost yesterday,
3. Hubby ill (again),
4. Haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, and
5. Just heard about the knock out game for the first time. (What's happening people?)

Interesting time in the life of my car. Taken last week. This won't happen again!  LOL!
I finished binding the "Mother Cat with Lost Kittens" rug and also hooked and bound the Three Chicks rug (for the fourth time) and this one I'm keeping.  Here's a picture of it ...

It was a beautiful weekend.  I went into Worthington Saturday a.m. and especially for Worthington Antiques holiday open house.  All I can say is Wow!  The shop was packed.  I ran into a lot of hookers, too!  I saw (and hugged) Tammy, Heidi, Maddy, Debbie, Teri, and Kandy.  Denise has outdone herself in decorating her shop for the holidays.  Just some really unique things can be found there, too.  I bought a (very) few Christmas decorations -- three bottle brush trees, a blown glass sheep ornament, and a yummy smelling gingerbread man to add a nice smell to my basket of grapevine balls.  She had some delicious refreshments, too!  Couldn't check out too many of the shops because I was worried about W. at home not feeling 100%.  I especially want to go back into town and go to the newly opened downtown antique mall ran by the Vanderventer's.  

Sunday we went for a short drive over to Greenup to Cameo Winery.  Stopped along the way to see if Moonshine was still there and yes, it was ...
Love the signs -- "Moonshine" & "Store Population 2" -- they do have a sense of humor.  There were cats everywhere and one very happy dog.  And we saw one of the "2" who live above the store ... (not as happy as the dog).

This will be a busy week for me.  I'm making cookies for commitments I've made.  So far I have 8 dozen in the freezer and I think just 4 dozen more to go (I need to go back and look at my calendar tho ...).  Made chocolate chip Friday and snickerdoodles today and think I'll make sugar cookies decorated for Christmas tomorrow or Wednesday. Plan on getting one of the new hookers started on her second project this evening; she'll be here after she gets off work.  Tomorrow I get my eyes checked.  Yeah; I need new glasses!  I'll be so glad to get them.  (Now if I could just get up the nerve to go back to the ENT ...)  While I'm in Linton I'll do the dreaded grocery buying along with probably a couple hundred others shopping for Thanksgiving.  (sigh ...) Maybe while I'm over there I can check out a couple new (to me) shops in and near Linton.  

And so it goes ... it's my life.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Here's what I have to be thankful for: my mate, my family, my friends, my church family, my very life.  Ahhhh! I am blessed.  How about you?