Sunday, December 8, 2013

Colts week ...

I went to my first regular season Colts game last Sunday and they won!  It was ugly but exciting and they came away with a "W" so who can complain?  There weren't very many empty seats and lots of noise!  I'm so glad I went.  Two more home games; we have the application for playoff tickets and pondering what to do ...

Then on Tuesday we went to the Colts Complex on 56th Street in Indy for a season ticket appreciation luncheon.  We are "charter" season ticket holders (30 years this year) and they invited 100 people like me, plus a guest, to a nice lunch.  By the way, they said there are only 1,600 charter season ticket owners.  We got a pep talk from the head of customer relations, Larry Hall, and then Bob Lamey spoke.  Then two Colts players came on for a sort of Q&A with Bob -- Robert Mathis and Anthony Castonzo.  This was very interesting and before I knew it, it was over.  (Well, they gave away some really nice door prizes but of course we didn't win anything.)  If you hadn't had the opportunity before, the Super Bowl trophy was there and people lined up to take pictures of it or with it or whatever.  They even let people touch it and hold it!  (We had already seen it the year they won; we went to Crawfordsville and stood in line to see it then -- we were so excited!)  All in all it was a great day.
Everyone had a chance to go onto the indoor practice field and I got a shot before anyone had a chance to get out there.  It would have been nicer if there had been actual players practicing but ...
This is a poor picture; sorta blurry and, yes, I should have zoomed but that's Lamey, Castonzo and Mathis, I swear.

Right now the Colts are on TV and if I stay in here they might stand a chance of winning.  See that's the trouble; when I actually go to the game I can't "leave the room".  Well, I guess I could go out in the concourse and walk around but that would be sort of dumb ...

We got all ready for Christmas in the Village at Elnora, which the White River Valley Antique Association is sponsoring, but then the snow came!  It snowed out Christmas in the Village Friday and Saturday!  Who would have thought it would happen?!  Santa LOVES snow!  But anyway, we'll work it next weekend.  My 4 dozen cookies are in the freezer ready to go.  We're supposed to work in the shelter house, handing out cookies and drinks and keeping the fire blazing.  Wendell went down Wednesday and spent most of the day putting out luminaries (which are now probably covered with snow).
Looking west from the front of our house.  This looks like a black & white picture, doesn't it? 

Looking south through the screen on the porch. (As I type this, there is a huge flock of Canada geese out there.)

Saturday morning there was a beautiful fog that started below over the river, as this picture depicts.  Then it crept up the hill and sort of swept through our area.  It was breath taking ... I've never seen anything like it.

Another picture taken early Saturday.
It did snow to beat the band Friday and I took pictures.  I think we got about 8-10".  We have been keeping the bird feeder stocked and also enjoying the woodpeckers at the suet feeder.  Took a walk in the snow yesterday (the mail carrier actually came down our road) and got the card from the game camera.  It looks like the big buck who lives around here escaped the gun season.  But we haven't seen our doe and twin fawns since mid-November.

This a.m. we went to church and someone plowed our road.  How nice!  We were blessed to be chosen to light the second candle of Advent.  Despite the poor road conditions, there was a really nice crowd for church.  (Maybe they had cabin fever, too! LOL!)

Have a blessed week.