Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring has sprung ...

[I'm adding more pictures of rugs today.  These are some simple self-designed geometrics, antique reproductions, or by miscellaneous designers.]

We were "flooded in" for 6 days this time.  That is the longest time marooned here that we've experienced since we moved here, and the first time this has happened in almost 3 years.  It was almost unbelievable to us that we were stuck here longer than we were for the terrible flood of 2008!  On the plus side I got LOTS of hooking done!  Also, got the house pretty clean after being gone for awhile this winter.  Now I will feel free to work outside when it gets dry enough.  The flower beds need to be cleaned of winter debris because I can see lots of green peeking through the dead leaves!  That is exciting, isn't it?  I have lots of perennials that need to be divided and rearranged, and will tackle as much of that as I can.

This week promises to be a busy one.  Am catching up on laundry today.  Yesterday did nothing but go to church, read, computer stuff, and watch the tube.  That is a good thing to do on a Sunday ... nothing!  Tomorrow I'm going to Sullivan for an extension homemaker district meeting with some other "Jolly" gals for an all-day event.  Wednesday I'm devoting the afternoon to making meatloaf for 40 -- Wendell's masonic lodge is having degree work and I'm doing the main course.  I've done this before so I feel pretty confident about that meatloaf thing.  Thursday we are taking a day off to go to Indy to the Flower & Patio Show at the fairgrounds.  Always have other errands to do when we go to the city.  Friday I hope to get some lunch out time with a friend.  I'll try to sneak some hooking time in there somewhere! 

Watching the pictures of the disaster in Japan on TV & computer news certainly makes me feel little and helpless.  I think what I can do the best in this case is to pray.  I'm glad that my church gives faithfully to UMCOR!