Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I like about spring in Indiana ...

All the shades of green, tulip trees in bloom, droves of robins in the yard, the daily tour of flower beds to see "what's up", daffodils, new calves in the field down the road, windows open and furnace on in the same week.

We went for a drive yesterday.  Our intent was to go to Vincennes and do a (very) little shopping, eat lunch there, then go over into Illinois to the White Owl Winery.  (We need a case of Five Buck Huck!)  But when we got there they were closed!  What a bummer.  So we went on north into Palestine and checked out a few antique stores.  Steve Meadows' is always interesting ... he's really an artist and I recommend this maker of "pot heads".  Makes you want to make your own metal person out of an old coffee pot.  Then we went on to the Brown Dog.  Wendell found some sort of old hacksaw there.  Went over to the new shop across the street from them, which is actually Wonderland Antiques moved a block north; it was really interesting.  Then back of Brown Dog is a new shop called LaMotte Trading that was a pretty good shop.  I found a little jointed person there ... think I'll use it somewhere on this blog to reflect how I'm feeling.

Then we drove on north to Hutsonville and stopped at the Wabash Coffee House & Antiques.  Wendell enjoyed a piece of pie and a cup of coffee while I looked around this small shop.  I sat down with him and enjoyed looking through a pile of old Hutsonville High School yearbooks.  Found one the same year I graduated ('62) and got a good laugh.  On the senior pictures, someone had written "married" and then a little hash mark for how many times!  LOL!  Funny how those year books look all alike except for the faces.  Brought back some memories of good ole P.H.S. ...
Home and enjoyed a cup of soup and grilled cheese dinner on a cold spring night!  Coffee and biscotti later ... I made hazelnut biscotti and it was fun but time-consuming and I don't know if I'll do it again.  But it is good, if I have to say so myself!

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