Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never again ...

(How I'm feeling today ... looking for something to lean on.)

Yesterday I did something really stupid. I scheduled three doctor appointments in the same day. So today I'm sort of taking it easy.

Started with a dentist appointment in the a.m. to get that cap on. (It still feels "funny".) At 1:00 went to see the NP at Worthington Family Medicine, then at 2:30 went to see Dr. J about my latest eye problem. Since she is concerned about retinal detachment, I have to go back again in another 4 weeks. Great. Told a friend this a.m. in an email, it seems like I'm falling apart all at once! One little piece at a time.

But I'm thinking about how I can make lemonade out of this ... Three times a day I have to lay down and have W. put ear drops in each ear and lay there for 10 minutes per ear. As I was laying there this morning, stewing about what a waste of time this was ... one hour actually each day wasted laying around, it came to me! I can use this time to pray! I know someone right off the bat to pray for; my niece who just had major surgery and got home from the hospital this past weekend. (Now she is seriously ill; why am I gripping about an ear infection!!!???) But that is just a starting place! I will think of lots of people to pray for in the next few days! It is very hard for me to lay down and relax but I found today after lunch when we did the ear drop thing, it was wonderful to lay there and pray for several people who I have been thinking about lately. God is good!

On the way home from the dentist in Jasonville yesterday, I stopped to pick up a quilt that this wonderful little lady just finished quilting for me. Two pictures are at the right. I will get it bound sometime soon. Right now it needs to be trimmed but this way you can see the bright red polka-dot backing I chose. Here's the story of how I got this quilt ... those of you who have already heard this sad tale -- sorry! (LOL!) ... Several years ago I was at my mother's house. She showed me this quilt top. It had been laying around for years and was a family piece, but she wasn't sure if it was from her side or dad's side of the family. It needed mending in several places and she asked me if I would take it home and mend it. I said sure, thinking that when I did so she would then give it to me. Since she didn't offer that option at once, when I finished mending the top I returned it to her, again thinking that surely she would look at it and turn around and give it to me. But to my surprise she said, 'I think I'll see if your sister wants this.' So what do you do? Nothing ... anyway, several months go by. I'm up there again and she brought it out again and asked me if I would like to have it, my sister didn't want it! I just said 'yes' and that was it.

Yesterday I told this story to Reba, the quilter, and she asked me if I was going to take it to show my mother and I said "NO!" and we both got a good laugh. You gotta laugh! BTW ... Reba needs all of our prayers just now.

So, gotta go and plant some lavender I got over the weekend. Hope the bugs don't carry me away! I'll post some info on the fiber fair this past Saturday soon.