Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The fiber fair ...

Last Saturday's fiber fair went well. For the first time in several years I had no responsibility and that is a good thing. (I used to be the vendor coordinator.) I wasn't really 'with it' though, not feeling good. Forgot to take my camera so I can't share any pictures with you. We had lots of members there so there was not a lot of work for any one person to have to do. The clean up went really fast and I was out of there by 5:00 with only a few things left to do. Used to be I was one of the last ones out and it was good to not feel that responsibility anymore.

On the negative side we had three vendors as no-shows! Shirley didn't seem to know what had happened. I think communication might have been a problem? Who knows. We did have to have several last-minute fill ins due to unforeseen circumstances with some vendors. So we had six or seven listed as vendors who weren't there and new people who weren't listed! But to have those three big holes in the building, when we already have a very small venue, was not good. On the plus side we had lots of guests through the building and the vendors who offered me feedback were well satisfied with how they did financially.

I have promised a couple people I saw there that I would put the hooked and prodded lapel pin instructions back up on this blog and to them I say: I will do that when I return from a little mini-vacation Wendell & I are leaving on tomorrow. So I will keep my promise and post that again at the bottom of this page in about 2 weeks. I'll probably take away most of the pictures of my hooked rugs for awhile when I do that.

I met so many nice people at the Fair and I was also so proud to have lots of Holy Hookers there! Also five women from the homemakers club I belong to came! It was great having this moral support from friends! Bought some neat recycled wool from Barb Elliott and three lavender plants from Etienne's ... that's it! For me that was a very good day, to not spend any more than that. I'm trying to watch pennies to save for this trip! (Especially with gas at $3.98 a gallon.) Anyway, I SURE don't need any more wool or patterns! I sold lots of my stuff there and now have a few less UFOs to worry about! Isn't that nice?!

Life is good ...