Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a week ...

Lots of good and lots of bad things have happened in my life lately I haven't written here because I have been so terribly busy and when I have some down time I don't want to do ANYTHING!

Week ago I was flossing and flipped a cap loose from one of my teeth! ARGH1 Of course it was on a Friday evening! (My son tells me there is such a thing as emergency dental centers but ....) Anyway, I called my dentist because he just lives across the Eel River and is a friend. He advised to either tip it completely out or if I was afraid to do that (I have a low threshold of pain) just try to keep it in until Monday at 9 a.m. So I kept it in ... in the meantime I had to be in Worthington Saturday all day for the rug display the Holy Hookers put on. Really, everything worked out ok as long as I didn't eat anything hard or on that side. So I ate lots of yogurt and soup. (Luckily they were having a soup supper in town! Who says God doesn't look out for fools?) Sunday I laid low. Monday I went to see the dentist and it was actually an overlay and when he worked on it more of the tooth fell away, so I'll be getting a $720 crown! Darn! Do you know that is almost exactly what we owed the next day for property taxes!? What the .....? So there goes more $$$ from the savings to the checking. My mouth was so sore from the numbing and being pried open for an hour ... But anyway ...

Good news, same day; on the way home from the dentist I stopped at the dr. office and got the results of my tests from the previous week medical exam and things are AOK there! Thank heavens. Something had to go right that Monday. Well, it did. I went on to Margo's after lunch and got to spend part of the afternoon with her and Laurie! Yeah. Laurie was planning a rug hooking project for a retreat in Texas! Wish I were going! It was a good afternoon. Also picked up a super beautiful bench that Neil made for me. It is so beautiful. I put a picture of it above.

Wednesday was Jeff's graduation from Purdue @ Kokomo. We are so proud of him; he graduated with 'highest distinction' ... one of three in his class! But fate worked against me once again. Wendell had to go to see that special event by himself because I had to be at a stupid homemakers club meeting (I was the hostess and since I didn't find out about the graduation until about 2 weeks prior, I couldn't back out of something I signed up to do 11 months ago). I probably made life miserable for everyone who was around me that day and evening. On the plus side Jeff came down to see us this weekend so we got to spend some time with him and did a lot of talking and catching-up.

Tonight we went to a church pitch-in dinner and got to visit with Lowell Robinson, who hasn't been to church in weeks and weeks. He has been serving as a temp pastor at a little church north of Bloomington. So it was a great evening of good food and catching-up with Lowell and Jackie. (Yes, his wife's name is Jackie Robinson ...)

Well, hopefully this next week will be better. More happened than I am able to write here but suffice it to say I am ready for some down time so we are looking forward to a few days off in the near future .... hopefully everything will work out for us. I'll write more later ... I'm off to watch Celebrity Apprentice! Talk about mindless matter!