Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wonderful, cool days ...

I have been enjoying these days with no AC on in the house -- doors and windows open, fresh air inside and out! Lots of rain though and we have been mowing more than we like to. Over the years we have let most of our two lots go back to prairie. But it still takes about 3 hours to mow and trim with the string trimmer. I've tried sowing wild flowers in those wild areas, but mostly it's just whatever wants to grow there. We have lots of Queen Anne's lace and some pretty grass that turns orange/red in the fall, milkweed, and other blooming things (weeds to W.) that I don't know their names. Only flowers I've sown and gotten to bloom out there is coreopsis and purple coneflower.

Today I'm posting another picture of progress on the runner rug. Can't believe I am half way done after only a few days considering I started this rug YEARS ago! Will be hooking this p.m. with Margo and want to get some pointers on this runner as well as the scrappy squares rug I
hope to get done in time for the fair ... just 2 1/2 weeks away ... don't know about that. There will be a lot of living in these next few days, too, so I have my doubts but I think I can find another rug to put in the fair that I've done this past year if I don't complete the scrappy squares.

Hey! Thanks for your comments about this runner. I appreciate the encouragement! If I could figure out how to answer people directly I would do so, but until then just know I 'preciate it! Hope you have a day as beautiful as this one is here in SW Indiana.

PS ... the cardinal is gone and the windows are once again newspaper-free and clean!