Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy, blustery Monday ...

Had a busy day ... Put two coats of poly/stain on the window sill that will complete my work room window replacement. LAUNDRY of course. And since it was nice and windy hung out two of the loads. The sheets always smell so good that way. But was most happy to complete some more fall yard work. Spread mulch in three flower beds and finally finished cleaning out the last flower bed -- YEAH! But there is still a lot to do out there ... Hope to get it done before the snow flies. For dinner tonight I made wild rice soup. It was absolutely delicious if I must say so myself. Yum! After dinner I just sat and crocheted ... soooooooo tired!

The picture above was taken Saturday, more than a week after receiving this beautiful bouquet from Jeff for my birthday! These flowers have lasted longer than usual for sure and are still lovely. (Thanks Jeff!) I had such a great birthday this year. Maybe I love autumn because my birthday comes then(?). Whatever ... I love this time of year.

Wendell & I went geocaching again last Saturday and found 16. That is the most caches we have ever found in one day! We're getting close to 100 total! There is an SC2000 series of caches near Washington, around the I-69 construction area, that has 33 caches within about a 10 miles route. We got about half of them! Maybe we can get down there and get the other half before Christmas and before it gets too cold to want to be outside poking around around stop signs, fence posts and bridge rails!

It was so breezy today that I got out my kite and flew it a couple times. That was fun!

Off tomorrow for a little retreat with Margo to St. Meinrad. Just a girlfriend thing. We need some quiet time. Have a blessed week.