Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My life recently -- in pictures ...

We did geocaching both Friday and Saturday and had a 100% day on Saturday ... a first for us, finding eight geocaches in the Washington IN area. Luck was with us I guess. Since I felt lucky I bought a Hoosier Lotto ticket but only had one number. (Don't push your luck ... lol.) Then the Colts lost again Sunday ...
There's a cache near this covered bridge in Putnam County ...

Two goats in a cart. being pulled by a team of horses, meeting a modern John Deere tractor. Taken in the Cannelburg area on the way home Saturday from our search for geocaches in Daviess County.

Celebrated my birthday last Friday and this is the lovely bouquet Jeff got me. What beautiful flowers; thanks Jeff! It was a good day all around. We took off after an early lunch and did some geocaching and just enjoyed the beautiful fall colors in the country. It was a great day. We met Jeff for dinner at Almost Home in Greencastle and had a very nice evening, too.

Here's my new work room window! Yeah! Randy did a dandy job. Today I cleaned up my work room, ridding it of drywall dust and OLD spider webs. And I'm not done yet. I just ran down at about 1:00, stopped for lunch and never got back out there. I had all of these grand ideas that I was going to clean out that last flower bed this afternoon ... yeah, right.

While at the normal cleaning jobs over there I started collecting "stuff" for a garage sale. This needed to be done. Also decided to eliminate anything related to needlepoint so that is another small cache of books, yarn, etc. to add to the "to sell" pile. I still have the closet and a cupboard to go through ... I think I'll concentrate on rug hooking, quilting and crochet and let the other hobbies rest.

Tomorrow I'll start priming and painting around the new window so it will really be done. And order a new window shade.

Saw this field of corn shocks (sp?) recently while driving in the country. Since we live near an Amish community we get to see lots of interesting scenes such as these. This takes me back in time ... My grandpa Lee used to do this. And he had two big beautiful gray Percheron horses.