Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some days away ...

Margo and I took a three day, two night sabbatical away from our normal routines. Everyone needs something like that from time to time, don't you think? We spent our time almost entirely at the retreat center of St. Meinrad Archabbey in southern Indiana. Although it was rainy, windy and miserable looking outside, it was nice inside. But sometimes you have to go out ... Let's just say that when your umbrella turns inside-out for the third time it's time to get inside.

The picture is a bouquet containing the last rose of summer from our Knock Out rose bush, and the left-over carnations from Jeff's birthday bouquet, in this sweet soft-pink vase I found at Ferdinand Antique Emporium on our way down. I LOVE it ... We did go out to Boonville one a.m. and shopped at the Village Mercantile. Ran into a fellow hooker from Tell City ... yes, it's a small world Mary! I would recommend that shop if you're ever in the Boonville, Ind. area. LOADED with fabric but also lots of seasonal decor. Betty (shop owner) has the most samples of any quilt shop I have been in; this gives you a very good visual and inspiration for your own sewing projects. What Margo and I both loved was the display pieces she uses to show off her merchandise. Way cool ...

First morning there after breakfast we took a self-guided tour. (yes, it was drizzling ...) Saw the archabbey (church), the Chapter Room, the memorial entry, and the (modern) library. My favorite place on the tour was the Chapter Room. It is where the monks conduct business. If you want to read about it visit this website. (I hope the link works; I cut & pasted it here.)


Even on this website the pictures don't begin to touch the special beauty and significance of this space. You just have to see it in person. I suppose this is weird, but as a hooker I only had eyes for the possibilities for rug borders from the paintings on the ceilings. Each of the 12 ceiling panels had a different border on each side! Awesome! I want to take Wendell there and tour the archabbey and visit this room with him (and take my camera!). It may not sound interesting but you'd just have to be there ......... The monks wear the dark brown robes and the first evening at dinner one of them came around with a cart, offering wine. What a warm welcome ... St. Meinrad was all about hospitality.

So it's off to a new week here. Yesterday I organized my quilting/sewing projects and refamiliarized myself with some sewing I hadn't visited for several months. Planned a new project -- making an old-fashioned clothes pin bag. Put 'another' coat of finish on my work room windowsill. And got several more bags of mulch to finish putting my flower beds to sleep for the winter. Going to sew with my sweet sewing buddies today (hope everyone will be there). Then Thursday I'll get to spend some time with my friend Teresa. She is waiting to hear about a possible job so I'm saying a little prayer for her.

Now, if I can just get myself back in the mood to finish that runner rug! Would like to have it done by Thanksgiving but you know, that is only a month away!!! ARGH!!! Have a blessed week.