Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The last tomato of summer ...

Here it is. Thank goodness. But it is a beauty. (Actually I have a few Romas left in the frig. But this is the last biggie.)

I've enjoyed the garden this year more than usual, though it was not all together successful. I put aside lots of beets, okra and pickles. And we enjoyed the early things so much -- onions, spinach, radishes and lettuce. We have two small volunteer cantalope that Wendell is babying along out there but I fear that the frost will get to them before we do. The garden is gone. I cut down the dry asparagus and pulled the weeds from the asparagus patch couple weeks ago, too.

Yesterday I cleaned out another flower bed and only have one to go! (Yeah!) Dug my surprise lilies because I'm going to move them and OMG ... they multiplied. I think my 6 stems turned into about 20. No kidding.

Tonight is Holy Hookers at the Library. I'm expecting a newbie so I'm not taking any hooking for myself. I have lots of books packed in the car for ideas for the winter; hookers like to plan ahead! And they like to look at hooking books, too. Hopefully I'll have some time to circulate and visit, too ...

While looking through my pictures of the family reunion I see a really neat one of my sister eating Ready Whip from the can ... but I'd better not post it here without her permission ......... But it is so good! ;-)

Today has been a busy one. Laundry (of course). Packing the car for tonight. Fixed lunch for Wendell & Randy, who is here to put in my new workroom window. I guess the old one was in even worse shape than we knew, with water damage on and below the sill plate that they found when the old window was removed. So glad this is being done before winter! Made chilli soup and apple salad for the guys and I ate a late lunch because I usually don't get dinner on hooking nights until after 8:30. Wendell is going to the WRVAA meeting tonight and it's their after-the-show pitch in dinner (they pat each other on the back for such a good show I'm guessing, plus lots of reports from each department), so after lunch was cleaned away I made a corn salad for him to take to that. I love that salad and have never made it for just the two of us! It seems I always make it for group dinners. Got the recipe from a fellow extension homemaker. [I think I'll post some special recipes like that in "pages".]

Last weekend we really enjoyed the wine and art festival in Palestine IL. The weather was gorgeous. It gets bigger each year; always the first weekend of October (Sat. & Sun.) ... check it out! High point of the day for me was going into Steve Meadows' shop ... it is gorgeous. He turns found objects into art. You will never look at a rusted tea kettle in the same way after seeing his stuff. High point for Wendell was being the designated taster since I was the designated driver. (I did sip a couple.)

Life is good ...