Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The fiber fair ...

Last Saturday's fiber fair went well. For the first time in several years I had no responsibility and that is a good thing. (I used to be the vendor coordinator.) I wasn't really 'with it' though, not feeling good. Forgot to take my camera so I can't share any pictures with you. We had lots of members there so there was not a lot of work for any one person to have to do. The clean up went really fast and I was out of there by 5:00 with only a few things left to do. Used to be I was one of the last ones out and it was good to not feel that responsibility anymore.

On the negative side we had three vendors as no-shows! Shirley didn't seem to know what had happened. I think communication might have been a problem? Who knows. We did have to have several last-minute fill ins due to unforeseen circumstances with some vendors. So we had six or seven listed as vendors who weren't there and new people who weren't listed! But to have those three big holes in the building, when we already have a very small venue, was not good. On the plus side we had lots of guests through the building and the vendors who offered me feedback were well satisfied with how they did financially.

I have promised a couple people I saw there that I would put the hooked and prodded lapel pin instructions back up on this blog and to them I say: I will do that when I return from a little mini-vacation Wendell & I are leaving on tomorrow. So I will keep my promise and post that again at the bottom of this page in about 2 weeks. I'll probably take away most of the pictures of my hooked rugs for awhile when I do that.

I met so many nice people at the Fair and I was also so proud to have lots of Holy Hookers there! Also five women from the homemakers club I belong to came! It was great having this moral support from friends! Bought some neat recycled wool from Barb Elliott and three lavender plants from Etienne's ... that's it! For me that was a very good day, to not spend any more than that. I'm trying to watch pennies to save for this trip! (Especially with gas at $3.98 a gallon.) Anyway, I SURE don't need any more wool or patterns! I sold lots of my stuff there and now have a few less UFOs to worry about! Isn't that nice?!

Life is good ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never again ...

(How I'm feeling today ... looking for something to lean on.)

Yesterday I did something really stupid. I scheduled three doctor appointments in the same day. So today I'm sort of taking it easy.

Started with a dentist appointment in the a.m. to get that cap on. (It still feels "funny".) At 1:00 went to see the NP at Worthington Family Medicine, then at 2:30 went to see Dr. J about my latest eye problem. Since she is concerned about retinal detachment, I have to go back again in another 4 weeks. Great. Told a friend this a.m. in an email, it seems like I'm falling apart all at once! One little piece at a time.

But I'm thinking about how I can make lemonade out of this ... Three times a day I have to lay down and have W. put ear drops in each ear and lay there for 10 minutes per ear. As I was laying there this morning, stewing about what a waste of time this was ... one hour actually each day wasted laying around, it came to me! I can use this time to pray! I know someone right off the bat to pray for; my niece who just had major surgery and got home from the hospital this past weekend. (Now she is seriously ill; why am I gripping about an ear infection!!!???) But that is just a starting place! I will think of lots of people to pray for in the next few days! It is very hard for me to lay down and relax but I found today after lunch when we did the ear drop thing, it was wonderful to lay there and pray for several people who I have been thinking about lately. God is good!

On the way home from the dentist in Jasonville yesterday, I stopped to pick up a quilt that this wonderful little lady just finished quilting for me. Two pictures are at the right. I will get it bound sometime soon. Right now it needs to be trimmed but this way you can see the bright red polka-dot backing I chose. Here's the story of how I got this quilt ... those of you who have already heard this sad tale -- sorry! (LOL!) ... Several years ago I was at my mother's house. She showed me this quilt top. It had been laying around for years and was a family piece, but she wasn't sure if it was from her side or dad's side of the family. It needed mending in several places and she asked me if I would take it home and mend it. I said sure, thinking that when I did so she would then give it to me. Since she didn't offer that option at once, when I finished mending the top I returned it to her, again thinking that surely she would look at it and turn around and give it to me. But to my surprise she said, 'I think I'll see if your sister wants this.' So what do you do? Nothing ... anyway, several months go by. I'm up there again and she brought it out again and asked me if I would like to have it, my sister didn't want it! I just said 'yes' and that was it.

Yesterday I told this story to Reba, the quilter, and she asked me if I was going to take it to show my mother and I said "NO!" and we both got a good laugh. You gotta laugh! BTW ... Reba needs all of our prayers just now.

So, gotta go and plant some lavender I got over the weekend. Hope the bugs don't carry me away! I'll post some info on the fiber fair this past Saturday soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nervous day ...

(More about these pictures below.)

Wendell is gone today and I'm on my own to worry until I get to the dr. this afternoon. Nothing life threatening at this appointment, but I just don't enjoy going to the doctor's office! They always seem to find something more than you went there for ...

But anyway ... yesterday was a Jolly Homemaker computer day. I wrote a little article for the Spencer Evening World just thanking people for attending the New Beginning's baby shower-open house our homemakers club did a few days ago. Also had to write the report for that club's meeting last Wednesday (since I'm the reporter). Got both emailed off to my contact person at the newspaper. Then I had been tasked to do the typing-editing of the same group's constitution. This is something we do every three years; revisit that document to see if there are any changes to be made. So also got that task done and emailed that document off to the committee chair. At the same time I did a couple loads of sheets and hung them on the line! Great! They always smell so good when hung out to dry! Plus, it WAS a sunny day. First in a long time it seems. And to top it off I finished pricing my sales items for the Fiber Fair which the Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild is sponsoring this Saturday, with the help of a tall person who lives here I finished cleaning the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets on one side of the kitchen, AND hooked one square on my current rug hooking project. PHEW! I'm tired ... LOL!

If you're within driving distance I highly recommend Fiber Fair (probably have done so here already ... sorry!). Just about any fiber art will be represented there with a booth selling & demonstrating their craft. This year I am more free than I have ever been for the fair and I can honestly say I am looking forward to Saturday. I don't even have to go for set-up day Friday! How good is that!?

At the top of the page are a couple pictures of the front door (look at the sidelight) and the side door of our house. We have had this Kamakazee (sp?) cardinal who has literally bloodied his beak, shed feathers and pooped while diving at these two windows. I'm sure he's seeing his reflection, but man, what a mess he has made and I'm thinking he has knocked something loose upstairs to keep this up. So these newspapers taped to the windows are the only thing protecting him/us. Saturday when Jeff was here I tried taking them down because the cardinal hadn't been hanging around for a couple days. It was not more than 5 minutes after I removed the papers that he returned, so Jeff helped me tape up both windows again! (Sigh!) He started going to one door and you'd chase him off and he'd fly to the other side of the house and attack there! What a crazy bird! Cardinals are nuts (sorry Ball State fans!). More later ...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a week ...

Lots of good and lots of bad things have happened in my life lately I haven't written here because I have been so terribly busy and when I have some down time I don't want to do ANYTHING!

Week ago I was flossing and flipped a cap loose from one of my teeth! ARGH1 Of course it was on a Friday evening! (My son tells me there is such a thing as emergency dental centers but ....) Anyway, I called my dentist because he just lives across the Eel River and is a friend. He advised to either tip it completely out or if I was afraid to do that (I have a low threshold of pain) just try to keep it in until Monday at 9 a.m. So I kept it in ... in the meantime I had to be in Worthington Saturday all day for the rug display the Holy Hookers put on. Really, everything worked out ok as long as I didn't eat anything hard or on that side. So I ate lots of yogurt and soup. (Luckily they were having a soup supper in town! Who says God doesn't look out for fools?) Sunday I laid low. Monday I went to see the dentist and it was actually an overlay and when he worked on it more of the tooth fell away, so I'll be getting a $720 crown! Darn! Do you know that is almost exactly what we owed the next day for property taxes!? What the .....? So there goes more $$$ from the savings to the checking. My mouth was so sore from the numbing and being pried open for an hour ... But anyway ...

Good news, same day; on the way home from the dentist I stopped at the dr. office and got the results of my tests from the previous week medical exam and things are AOK there! Thank heavens. Something had to go right that Monday. Well, it did. I went on to Margo's after lunch and got to spend part of the afternoon with her and Laurie! Yeah. Laurie was planning a rug hooking project for a retreat in Texas! Wish I were going! It was a good afternoon. Also picked up a super beautiful bench that Neil made for me. It is so beautiful. I put a picture of it above.

Wednesday was Jeff's graduation from Purdue @ Kokomo. We are so proud of him; he graduated with 'highest distinction' ... one of three in his class! But fate worked against me once again. Wendell had to go to see that special event by himself because I had to be at a stupid homemakers club meeting (I was the hostess and since I didn't find out about the graduation until about 2 weeks prior, I couldn't back out of something I signed up to do 11 months ago). I probably made life miserable for everyone who was around me that day and evening. On the plus side Jeff came down to see us this weekend so we got to spend some time with him and did a lot of talking and catching-up.

Tonight we went to a church pitch-in dinner and got to visit with Lowell Robinson, who hasn't been to church in weeks and weeks. He has been serving as a temp pastor at a little church north of Bloomington. So it was a great evening of good food and catching-up with Lowell and Jackie. (Yes, his wife's name is Jackie Robinson ...)

Well, hopefully this next week will be better. More happened than I am able to write here but suffice it to say I am ready for some down time so we are looking forward to a few days off in the near future .... hopefully everything will work out for us. I'll write more later ... I'm off to watch Celebrity Apprentice! Talk about mindless matter!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More baby hats !!!

Margo knitted more little baby hats for the Open House Baby Shower for New Beginnings Crisis Pregnancy Center!

Aren't they adorable?!  OXOX and a big "thank you" to Margo! 

Hey ... I fugured out how to cut and paste into this post, so below is the article I wrote about this event.  Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help this very worthy cause.


The Jolly Homemakers Extension Club of Freedom is sponsoring a Baby Shower Open House to benefit New Beginnings Crisis Pregnancy Center.  The event will be Friday, May 6, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Owen County Cooperative Extension Services office, 180 S. Washington Street in Spencer. Everyone in the community is invited and anyone may attend.

Jolly Homemaker members hope that you will come to the open house, enjoy some refreshments, learn more about the Center, and bring along an unwrapped baby gift.  The Club thinks that every life is precious and this is their way of helping get some local infants’ lives off to a better start.

If you would like to attend the Baby Shower Open House and want to know what’s on the most-wanted list, New Beginnings especially needs soy-based formula and diapers in sizes 3, 4 and 5.  Other items that are always in demand by new mothers for their babies are wipes, lotion, soap, wash cloths, towels, receiving blankets, bottles, teethers, pacifiers, high chairs, lightweight strollers, and cribs.  Please, unwrapped new items only for this special event.

New Beginnings is located at 219 North Fletcher in Spencer.  Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 4:00 p.m.   Their phone number is 812-829-BABY (2229).

Their statement of purpose reads:  “Our mission is to minister in Christ's love to the needs of women, men and families who are experiencing the trauma of an unplanned pregnancy. We offer alternatives to abortion with acceptance, compassion and physical, emotional and spiritual support.”

The Center describes a crisis pregnancy as any pregnancy that is unplanned, unexpected or unwanted; makes a woman or young girl feel as though her world is falling apart; thrusts the mother-to-be into turmoil by pressures from family, friends or the father-to-be; leaves the mother-to-be feeling helpless, fearful, trapped, betrayed, manipulated or angry; or causes the mother-to-be to consider an abortion.

Who is eligible?

Any woman who is expecting a baby is eligible. Also families with small children are eligible. There is no income restrictions. Anyone in need is welcome to come and check out our free services.

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary during regular center hours. If the center hours do not fit your schedule, then it is recommended that you make an appointment with the director or another volunteer.

How can I help?

You can help by...
Any woman who is expecting a baby is eligible.  There are no income restrictions. Anyone in need is welcome to come and check out the Center’s free services.

Appointments are not necessary during regular office hours. If the center hours do not fit the woman’s schedule, they can arrange an appointment.

Besides helping New Beginnings through this special Baby Shower Open House, anyone is welcome at any time to donate the new items listed above, as well as good used maternity clothes, baby clothes, or baby furniture.  You can also volunteer your time.

Newborn layettes are assembled using new items and therefore these new items are always needed.  Jolly Homemakers is confident that the generosity of the community, by way of this Baby Shower Open House on May 6, will result in many layettes being assembled at the Center.

For more information about this special event, contact Peggy Bull, 812-829-3195.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Check this out ...

Putting a great link here!  Thanks to my mother for turning me on to this website.  I have sat for half hours at a time watching these eagles.  Sometimes you have to sit through a commercial before you can start but not always.  Before you make it full-screen, look at some of the FAQs below.  It tells you how to tell the difference between the male and female eagles and other interesting facts.  When I first started watching the three chicks were tiny.  Now they're starting to loose their down.  Enjoy!