Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy-ness ...

Ta da!  The first rug ... this was just the beginning.  I've since completed it and have started another in a medium blue soft denim-like fabric.  I'm learning as I go for sure!
First of all, I understand that since two changes occurred -- I got a new anti-virus program and Blogger changed formats at just about the same time -- some of you are unable to leave comments.  I'm really sorry about that.  I've tried to "fix" it on my end by going through every aspect of Blogger I can access and check to be sure comments are enabled, but alas, nothing.  I'm thinking it is my virus program.  If I get the time I'll contact their tech support.  There might be a simple fix. (?) Again ... sorry!

As you can see by the picture above, I've been busy in the garage the last few days.  I got to weaving finally!  Of course I am self-taught so problems have arisen.  But I'm doing my best to work them out.  It is all a learning process.  I need to talk to Paul S. again but have understand his wife is not well.  Don't want to bother him just yet.  I do have a very good (borrowed) book on weaving and MUST buy one of my own.  Jan will miss it eventually .....

I am listening to a neat CD just now; the soundtrack from the movie American Graffiti.  I bought it to take with me to my 50th class reunion get together.  Just heard "All Summer Long" by the Beach Boys.  Wow, it is a great song!  One of their lesser known hits but my favorite.  Now on the other end of the spectrum, I also just got a wonderful CD from Nonesuch Records by the Carolina Chocolate Drops called Leaving Eden.  It's great!  I recommend it.

Been keeping busy.  Wendell got the garden tilled last week, so on Thursday I planted spinach, beets, lettuce, radishes, green onions, and sugar peas.  (Makes me tired just reading that ... whew!)  Also got out there and pulled weeds from all of the flower beds and got them "Preened".  As early as it is I can see that I will have to re-Preen in the middle of the summer.  Of course this weather is not natural.  And they say 85 degrees tomorrow.  Not good.  Today I washed the screens and we put them in.  But I am ashamed to say that at 4:00 I had to turn on the AC.  Yes, it got up to 79 degrees in the house and I said 'enough already'.  I feel real shame.  Who in the world turns on the AC in mid-March in Indiana???  (me ...)

Besides washing screens and windows, doing laundry, putting down Preen, re-potting two house plants and making laundry detergent I actually got to do some weaving!  Yeah!  Tonight Wendell is at lodge and I am at peace.  (Uh oh, the dryer just turned off.  Later .......)