Wednesday, August 8, 2012

De-cluttering ...

This a.m. I am back on the job of de-cluttering my house.  Getting "stuff" together for the garage sale Labor Day weekend (Sat.) in Worthington.  I haven't done this since we had a driveway sale before we moved to the country.  As you can see from this picture, it's about time ...

Some of the "stuff" from below the guest bath vanity.  ARGH!  And more has been carried out to the laundry room (which needs to be de-cluttered as well).  Sigh ...  On the plus side, I am cleaning the cabinets at the same time! 

Here's a picture of an old bathroom set including wastebasket, 2-pc soap dish, tissue holder, toothbrush holder & glass.  It is so ugly it's beautiful.  Do you want it???  Let me know and I'll give it so YOU ... if not it goes in the yard sale.  But I have to be able to HAND it to you.  LOL!

This is a pretty accurate color depiction, too.  And it's in perfect condition.
Last night was hooking at the library in Worthington.  It was an excellent group; kindred spirits I think.  Margo was binding; Teresa was trying to finish her small shaded practice piece; Jane, Jan and Becky were working on their current projects; I started something new.  It was a good night.

Wendell went to the WRVAA meeting last night (for the Elnora steam show).  He usually works in the sorghum shack but the iffy news on that front is that they don't know if they will be able to locate any cane this year for squeezing!  Yes, the crops have been just that bad.  There is a guy in Orange County that they are going to try ...  That would be sad if they can't do that demonstration.  But it might give Wendell the opportunity to actually "see" the show.  Hopefully, I'll be working the show in the weaving cabin, sitting on the porch, hooking.  Peggy, Beth and Sara work there and I offered my services last year and they seemed enthusiastic.  (The Washington rug hooking guild is no longer interested in demonstrating rug hooking anywhere, so I'm on my own.)  They spin in the cabin as well as weave.  There's a big, what I call, barn loom in the cabin.  I can weave now but I don't know about that loom.  I "think" it has thread heddles!  We'll see.  But I will be hooking somewhere at the show ...  Even if I have to sit under a tree and do it!

Today I'll try to finish cleaning that guest bathroom and maybe knock out the laundry room as well.  At least when I get to the master bath there is no "stuff" stored there.  LOL!  Have a blessed week.