Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good book! (And a few other happenings in my life ...)

I just finished reading the best book, "Living a Country Year" by Jerry Apps.  This is the best book I've read in a long time.  I know I keep saying that, but this one is special.  I recommend it highly.  Found it at our town library.

My brother Don and wife Nancy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday.  What a great day!  It was at their church in Avon; a recommitment ceremony with a reception following.  They both looked so good!  On display were lots of family pictures by decade.  Nancy's wedding dress was on a mannequin.  We saw lots of family and some old acquaintances, too.  Just an all-around good time.

Wendell and I had gone to Portland the day before to the antique engine and tractor show there.  I have NEVER seen so many Case tractors together in one place in my life.  Wendell was in hog heaven!  LOL!  Case was the feature tractor and we took picture after picture of Old Abe's best.  It was a very hot day and I'm afraid I cause our day to be cut short by an hour or so.  I found a bench and urged him to go back and look some more but he wouldn't ...

It was sort of an uneven trip on the highways.  On our way into Portland, right by the Jay County High School, we witnessed an auto accident.  A woman stopped with her signals on as if to turn left into the school but instead turned right and hit a car that was passing her in a right-hand passing lane.  Scary and upsetting.  Not a serious thing but unsettling.  We stayed in Muncie overnight and then went on to the 50th celebration the next day.  On the north side of Indy on I-465 a truck ahead of us kicked up a huge hunk of semi truck tire tread and it hit my little PT right in the front right corner.  Luckily it only put a black mark on the underside of the front bumper.  We were holding our breath there for a while, waiting for something to fall off.  LOL!

Here's a quilted wall hanging I finished last week. Thought I'd share a picture of it with you.  I am still on a mission to finish as many of my UFOs as I have an interest in finishing.  Got another queen size quilt top ready to go to the quilters right now ...

This was a class project at Runaway Quilters Retreat a couple years ago.  Jane S. and I both took this class.  Runaway will be here again before we know it!
Today we went to church, then after lunch we took a little drive to the Big Peach and got probably our last peaches of the summer.  My they are good looking!  I can hardly wait to have one on my cereal in the a.m.  When we got home I went to the loom in the basement and just started weaving!  It felt good.  Hadn't really done that since Wendell moved it over here.  I had tied the warp on again and wove in the filler and header, but not the actual body of the first rug.  And it is going to look good!  I'm using a chunky yarn.  Definitely different than using cotton fabric like the first five I made!  Aunt Glenna promised me at Don's party that she has some old curtains to give me to weave with.  Yeah!

It is different here without a TV.  I have gotten lots of crocheting, cleaning, reading, Bible studying, writing, geneology, and other more important stuff done (than TV).  We got online to watch Master Chef the other night and were so annoyed at what happened that now we REALLY don't care if we ever get another TV or not.  But we probably will eventually ......

Have a blessed week y'all.