Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home again, home again ...

[Here's a picture I took this a.m. ...
it's supposed to be good luck to rub Abe's nose.]

Just got in late this afternoon from a mini-vacation. Wendell and I started by traveling to Bluffton to see my mother. That evening we went on to Ft. Wayne and spent a wonderful evening with my cousin Phyllis and her hubby, catching up. Our family just doesn't get together often enough! One problem is the distance between our homes! Late this summer we are having a Schooley reunion in Bluffton. That will be enjoyable!

We left Ft. Wayne the next day and went on to Grand Rapids, taking a leisurely day stopping at antique shops and yard sales. The weather started out cloudy and was rainy at times. We took back roads. We arrived in GR late in the afternoon and spent a little time with Adrian, Gloria & Veronica. On Saturday Jeff was there, too, and we all met for breakfast then spent the day talking, geocaching, drinking Starbuck's and EATING! Gloria is a wonderful cook! Veronica always keeps me hopping!

Early Sunday we left GR for the "official" start of our mini-vacation. We drove over the bridge into the UP late in the day and stayed in Newberry for the night. On through our old camping grounds and areas we used to spend with the kids when they were little on summer vacations. We tried some geocaching but the mosquitos were as big as butterflies so we didn't find but one and it was a virtual cache (all you had to do was take a picture of a landmark, which in this case was a summer cottage made from two giant barrels (living room, bedroom) and an attached kitchen shed. We stayed in Marquette Monday night and the weather that day was weird ... at one time in Munising it was 74 degrees and within about a three mile stretch it dropped over 20 degrees ... I know you don't believe that and I didn't either as it was happening. But it's true.

That night my brother called and said Mom had fallen that day and broken her leg! He urged us to not to return and after deliberation we decided he was correct. He and my sister were there and that was enough I am sure. He kept us updated and that was reassuring. She had surgery the next day and now she is back at River Terrace but in the nursing section and not in her independent living apartment. It was a difficult time for me after that news. I really didn't enjoy the rest of the vacation because I just wanted to get back to Indiana.

We d
id see some beautiful country, especially along the Copper Harbor area of the UP and then again when we drove down through Wisconsin along the Great River Road. This a.m. we spent at the Abraham Lincoln historical sites in Springfield. Except for the awfully hot weather there it was great! Then it was a long, fast drive home from there after lunch.

So ... now I'm doing laundry. I'll go up to see Mom Monday I think; I have to have tomorrow to rest. Plus she just got back "home" yesterday and needs some time to settle in to a different part of RT. She is very motivated and I have no doubt she will be back at 'em in no time. Please pray for my mother. Thank you.