Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good day today even if it is cloudy ...

I think I'm one of those people who are affected by the lack of sunshine.  I "feel" better if it is sunny outside; not hot, blazing sun, just a nice sunshiny day.  We haven't had too many of them lately and last night we had a pretty bad storm.  (I actually went to the basement for about 20 minutes!)  But in spite of no sun and disturbed sleep last night, today went well.  

It was International Day for the Owen County Extension Homemaker Clubs and we enjoyed learning about four different countries, tasted food from each, and the women brought craft projects ranging from photography to knitting to doll making to quilting for a cultural arts display.  Lots of talented ladies for sure!  Joan Baker brought the most lovely knitted cape with matching tote bag in variegated beige/gray.  It was my favorite.  I ate way too much, laughed too much, and actually was fortunate to win the best of show for the Cultural Arts competition!  My quilt (pictured on the right side of the blog) will go to Purdue for the Home and Family Arts Conference at West Lafayette in June!  I'm proud!  

One of our members is from the Philippines.  Therefore, we chose the Philippines as our country to represent and used her wonderful collection of art, jewelry, baskets, wooden ware, and garments for our display.  I took my antique mannequin (Margaret) and we dressed her in one of Catalina's beautiful dresses made from pineapple fiber (believe it or not) with those distinctive puffed sleeves (think Imelda Marcos ...).  I think we had a really great display!  About half of our members were present, so we were well represented.  One interesting thing that happened today was that each club brought a trash can that we were to paint for the fairgrounds.  They will be judged on April 30.  They started with a base 4-H club green color and we were required to retain some of that green and decorate from there.  The woman who designed and decorated ours did a remarkable job!  Our theme was "homemaking -- the original extreme sport".  Some of her depictions of what women have to do in the home were so cute!  For instance "watersports' showed a woman trying to bathe the baby!  You had to be there ... 

Off to do some thinking about dinner ... I think Wendell has most of it planned, now I have to execute my part! 

PS ... am going to begin taking off the Marfa pix and move all of my hooked rug pix to the bottom of the page.   Soon.