Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ta da ...

So ....... I figured if I could still do this today I was still alive, so I tried this a.m. and could, so I got back to work!

Let me back up ... yesterday we cleaned house.  It was the first time we "really" cleaned since we got home from Texas.  All I can say is "thank God for Wendell".  If he hadn't helped me I wouldn't have been able to get r' done.  Let me back up further.  I spent most of Monday and Tuesday getting ready for a passel of newbie hookers at the Holy Hookers meeting Tuesday night.  I think it went fairly well, but I really needed about another half hour with them!  I hate it that we have to be out of the Library right on the dot of 8:00 p.m.  But I knew that in advance and have to work under those constraints.  Soooooooo ... I was really tired Wednesday morning when we started this "spring cleaning" thing.  And also -- wouldn't you know it, that d--m maid didn't show up again!  We have decided to fire her if we ever see her.  (That is always our joke when we drag ourselves to the table for lunch on a day like yesterday.)  

But had a nice respite last night!  Went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Randy & Benjie.  It was good to catch up on what's new since we hadn't seen them for a while.  Good dinner and good company!

Today we're putting the finishing touches on the clean-up and then I'm off to Linton to do the dreaded grocery shopping.  Planted a flat-leaf parsley this a.m. and hope the rabbits leave it alone.  Last year they ate most of my herbs to the ground.  Wendell says something has been in the garden digging already!  ARGH!

I'm going to put some more rug pictures up and re-arrange my blog.  So I'll take off the instructions on how to make the hooked and prodded lapel pins now, and eventually the Texas pictures.  Hate to take off those Texas pix because that means I have to let go of that time down south ......