Saturday, June 11, 2011

How we solved the kamikaze cardinal problem (I think) ...

That pesky cardinal was still beating himself against at least three of our windows so we both sort of "saw" the problem-solver at the same time yesterday.

I was out on the deck moving the three cactus pots around on the railing to get more sun and we decided to move them to the bottom of the two windows the the bird is abusing the most! Two of the cactus to the bottom of the dining room door-window and one plant at the bottom of the front door side light. Did this because after he attacks the window he usually falls/drops straight down to the ledge.

(I also put my "little person" up as a scare crow at the laundry room window -- see above.)

Happy to report that since then he has been a no-show! ta da!
Two heads are better than one.

More later ...