Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty normal week ...

Visited Mom this week ... drove to Bluffton early Tuesday a.m. and stayed until after lunch the next day. It is a long drive and since I avoid the interstates, even longer than it should be. But for my mental health I'll just travel there on those secondary highways. Mother is doing remarkably well. Her progress in the past two weeks has been measurable. They are working with her two times a day on physical therapy, so we didn't get to visit too much -- between PT and mealtime, etc., she is a busy lady. But that is a good thing!

Got home early in the evening and Wendell fixed dinner with wine! Great! I needed a glass of wine after that long drive! I think he was softening me up for the next day when we mowed (yesterday)! Also I worked pulling weeds! I think the Preen I put down in the spring has worn off! Probably all of the rain washed it out more quickly than normal. I think I need to re-apply! I will can beets today. It'll my second batch of 4 pints. They'll taste good this winter! Plus I've fixed two batches of pickled beets for us so far. The spinach is now all gone; pulled up the plants which had gone to seed yesterday. The lettuce is still looking good; I think the cool weather has helped. We have so much of it; Wendell took two nice little heads over to our neighbors yesterday. It is a variety called Buttercrunch and is very tasty. Our tomatoes are setting on and the okra plants are getting big. The green beans are just coming through good; I plant later than most people because it seems to work out better for me that way. The weeds are flourishing in the veggie garden, too!

I'm putting myself out here and I'm going to post progress pictures of my runner rug project. Maybe if I do that it will put a guilt trip on me if I don't keep up the work! So at the right side I'm going to post progress pictures with dates. PLEASE brag on me so I'll keep hooking on this monumental task! LOL!!!!! I told Margo about this rug YEARS ago and I think for a long time she really didn't believe it existed! LOL! I started it, I don't remember how many years ago, and I MUST finish it before I move to a house that doesn't have two long hallways! LOL! Anyway ... I'll keep you posted with how I'm doing here. If I get one more row done I'll be half way there! YEAH!!!!!